8 Ways to Keep Your House Cat Happy ...


Some people think that the cat is an outdoor animal, and that it is cruel to keep it confined indoors. However, if you live in a city or on a very busy road, it is much safer to keep it indoors. Most cats adapt very well, but they do need to be amused. So here are some ways to keep your house cat happy.

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If you move to a flat, look for one with a balcony. Cats are naturally curious, and like to watch what is going on, so access to a balcony will give them the chance to keep a vigilant eye on the neighbourhood and enjoy some fresh air. Just make sure that the balcony is secure.


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Buy a scratchpost! The cat needs to sharpen its claws, and if it does not have access to a tree will use your furniture as a substitute. So, unless you want your table and sofa to be shredded, get moggy a scratchpost.


Make the house interesting from a feline point of view. A cat sees the world in three dimensions, and loves to climb. So make sure that there are plenty of chairs, tables (with no precious objects) and different levels for them to jump up and down.


If you don’t have a balcony, place a high table under a window with a cosy blanket. That way, the cat can relax and look out of the window, and see what’s going on outside.


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Devote regular time to playing with your cat and keeping him amused (unless he prefers sleeping). Give him a chance to exercise his natural hunting instincts with games and toys


An indoor cat will naturally have to use his litter tray for all his toilet needs. So make sure that all solid matter is removed daily, and that the litter is replaced when needed. The tray should only be cleaned thoroughly once a fortnight, as too frequent cleaning may cause the cat to stop recognising the tray as its toilet.


Have a pot of cat grass. This is helpful for the cat’s digestion. Some plants are poisonous for cats, so do check out if your houseplants are suitable with a cat in the house.


Some cats are very shy around strangers, so make sure that he has a place to hide and feel safe. Also, if you are out a lot, consider getting another cat so that your moggy has company – providing he gets along with other cats.

I hope this has given you some useful ideas on looking after an indoor cat. They generally adapt much better than dogs to living in a flat, and are certainly more flat-sized!

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