9 Weird Items People Buy on EBay ...


Boy, you find some weird things on eBay, usually when searching for the most innocuous items. Here are some items you probably will never want to purchase …

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‘Tell Your Girlfriend I Said Thanks’ Condom Case

‘Tell Your Girlfriend I Said Thanks’ Condom Case Yeah, that really solves the perennial problem of what to buy a man for Christmas …


Pendant with Succubus Spirit

Pendant with Succubus Spirit The disclaimer in the listing notes that the item is not recommended for anyone with a heart condition, and may cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Oooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay … Still, if you want to throw away £63 + postage …


A Bag of Breath

Alas, at the time of writing this auction is about to finish, but if you’re lucky the seller may relist. Plus there is presumably an inexhaustible supply.


Box of Tampons

Box of Tampons Reason for selling? ‘My dad bought me a huge box full, these are unwanted. You know what dads are like!’. Erm, I don’t think most make a habit of buying you tampons …


Ticket Stub for the Biggest 70s Party Ever

Ticket Stub for the Biggest 70s Party Ever Come on, you must have wished you could have been at this hugely significant cultural event in Dec 2000 … well, now you can pretend you were!


Empty Can of Beer

Empty Can of Beer Well, saves you the bother of drinking it yourself, I suppose.


Hand-knitted Novelty Hamburger and Chips

Hand-knitted Novelty Hamburger and Chips As much as I admire the maker’s ability with handicrafts, I have to say that only eight chips is a bit mean …


Sphereing Special Offer

Sphereing Special Offer If you have a burning desire to experience life from the point of view of a hamster, then you may wish to purchase the chance to go sphereing. Participants are strapped inside a giant inflatable ball and rolled down a hill. Also worth spending £29 on a present for someone you secretly hate.


Health Pack Thing

Health Pack Thing It has never been used. That is all the listing says. So if you’ve ever wanted a health pack thing …

What are the weirdest things you’ve seen – or even bought – on eBay?

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lol the hand-kintted novelty burger thingy,it has mushrooms onions and is that a burnt peice of steak XD

Omg I really do want to try the sphereing! You can do it in Tennessee and it is called zorbing.

An Enron pen

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