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Laptops typically have a very plain, masculine look, which is quite boring. Recently, though, computer manufacturers have started to design laptops especially for women, teaming great functionality with a stylish exterior and great matching accessories. I can’t resist them! Here are my favourites...

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The X2 Style Book

The X2 Style Book Weighing in at just 3.9 pounds and available in a range of colours including green, blue, pink, white, black and silver, this computer is definitely as stylish as it is functional! You even get a matching ‘bag’ to carry it in, in leather, suede, microfiber or faux crocodile skin. It has X2’s latest technology, and is perfect for surfing the internet or producing documents.


The X2 Style Book is a lightweight laptop with a range of colors to choose from. It is equipped with the latest X2 technology and is perfect for web browsing and document production. It is also accompanied by a matching bag in a variety of materials such as leather, suede, microfiber, and faux crocodile skin. This laptop is designed with women in mind, making it a great choice for those who want a stylish and practical laptop. It is also energy efficient, with a long battery life to ensure you can stay productive and connected all day.


HP Eco Laptop

HP Eco Laptop This great laptop isn’t necessarily just for girls, but its definitely stylish and aimed at the environmentally friendly. Solar cells are used for powering up the computer, and as well as all the usual functions, it has a bar code scanner! It comes in a stunning green colour, and has a matching bracelet which reads pulse and blood pressure. Wow!


The HP Eco Laptop is a fine blend of fashion and eco-conscious tech. Imagine showing off this chic accessory that doubles as a tech-savvy companion, perfect for the modern woman who values sustainability. Besides its unique features like the solar cells and barcode scanner, this laptop is performance-packed for everyday tasks. Whether you're running to business meetings or sipping coffee at a cafe, the eye-catching green hue and health-monitoring bracelet make a statement about your commitment to the environment and personal well-being. It's technology meets wellness meets style – all in one!


HP Fitness

HP Fitness This great laptop really is perfect for women. Not only can you control your life from your lappie, but it also helps you control your fitness regime! You can stand on the laptop to weigh yourself, and its accompanying bracelet measures your workout and how well you are doing. I love its black and blue colour scheme, too!


HP Chameleon

HP Chameleon Using three cameras and adaptive cells, this laptop will change its looks to match its surroundings. When it’s off, it’s a gorgeous silver colour, but put it on fabric and it’ll take the pattern...which means its guaranteed to look great with any outfit! What a laptop!


HP Mama

HP Mama This netbook was designed after HP interviewed Mums, who didn’t have the time to properly use a computer. Well, now you can! It comes with two Bluetooth cameras with zoom, which you can use to monitor your children, and is tough and waterproof, for when the children are around. It also has an extendable ‘neck’, which makes it easier to use.


HP Perfume

HP Perfume Want a laptop that has a lot of functions? This one certainly does. Not only can it double as a light, but you can download ‘scent files’, which the laptop will then freshen the room with. It’s transparent and small, and is great for women who don’t want a bulky laptop, and instead want something that will look great in their house!


HP Bag

HP Bag With an OLED screen and touch sensors, this glass laptop is perfect for those whose bag aren’t big enough for a traditional laptop. It’s just as functional as a ‘standard’ laptop, but is super transportable, and I love the deep blue glass effect...it’s a stunner!


HP Makeup

HP Makeup This is a great laptop for women! It comes in a strong pink case which looks like a make up compact, and there is a button on the keyboard which makes the screen reflective, to act as a mirror. There’s even a finger nail printer! So you can look amazing, and get on with your day.

These laptops are brilliant! Most of them are available now, but some are still being released. However, this new range of laptops for women suddenly makes them much more exciting...from the stylish to the crazy, theres a laptop here for every lady. Which one is your favourite? I just can’t decide!

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Hp eco laptop is just awesome... i like the small glass effect perfume one as well but i guess the screen would be small right.... but then again the cost would be soo high.. but nice list of laptops for women.. :)

this is soo cute especially the bracelet pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

Are these on market? How can one get one?

This is a super note-worthy post and as a typical girl, I love the cute things that are especially made to the personality of a woman! My favorite is definitely the HP Make-up. Great post!

This is satire, right?

where can i buy the hp makeup?

I have a free Dell from my Dad, who sends them over. He gets them because of his line of work, but still...this thing doesn't even COMPARE to some of these! Like the portable one, or the make-up one, or the perfume one!

OMG! These are AMAZING finds! I love love love all of them. Wonder how much they cost though.

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