10 Cutest Fridge Magnets ...

The refrigerator isn’t just where you keep your food anymore — it’s where the family calendar resides, and where you show off your kid’s amazing artwork and stellar report cards. So stop using those boring old fridge magnets, and start using something with style! Not sure where to look for cool fridge magnets? I can help… here’s a shopping list, one you can hang on the fridge!

1. Triplet Pastel Magnets

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Price: $13.50 at etsy.com
These aren’t just refrigerator magnets, they’re tiny bits of hand-made, one of a kind art! Each delicate tile measures 3.5cm square and is hand-painted with azure, lilac, and pistachio, then antique’d with acrylic gold and coated with varnish. I love these!

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