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8 Best Children's Bed Covers ...

By Alison

Children love colourful bedding – either that, or their parents love buying it for them. Either way, there’s a huge range of bed covers aimed at the junior market, so you and your kids can have a lot of fun with dressing their bed. Here are some of the best I’ve picked out.

1 In the Night Garden

In the Night GardenPrice: $26.99 at
I’ve never heard of this, but it is a really cute cover. Featuring two large dancing figures, a boy and a girl, it would be perfect for a little girl. There is a matching pillowcase with the slogan ‘In the Night Garden’.

2 Hot Wheels

Hot WheelsPrice: $24.33 at
And now one for the boys! Or, of course, for a tomboy (let’s not be too sexist). Any racing fan would love this cover, which shows a very enthusiastic crowd watching the cars speeding by.


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3 Betty Boop

Betty BoopPrice: $48.66 at
For girls who’ve grown out of the more childish themes, Betty Boop is a fun choice. Who doesn’t love Betty? Here she is blowing a kiss, and leaves her lip print on the cover.

4 Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp/Jack SparrowPrice: $54.50 at
There are a lot of teenage girls (and quite a few grown women) who would love to have Johnny Depp on their bed. Sadly, this cover is the closest we’ll ever get. If your daughter loved Pirates of the Caribbean, buy her this and she might actually thank you!

5 Pink Spots

Pink SpotsPrice: $19.99 at
This would be another great cover for a girl who’s grown out of cartoons. What’s more, it’s made of organic cotton, so could be good for a child with sensitive skin, or if you like to have a green home.

6 Surfer’s Paradise

Surfer’s ParadisePrice: $64.50 at
Here’s a cover for older boys this time. With a repeated pattern of surfboards, palm trees and vintage cars, any beach boy would love this. Its sporty theme is not at all childish, so would work for several ages.

7 Nautica

NauticaPrice: $49.99 at
This cover has a unisex appeal. It would be ideal for an older or teenage child who wants something not too fussy. The stripes are in subtle shades and would be great for a simple look.

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8 Spring Meadow

Spring MeadowPrice: $49.99 at
Definitely one for girls only! This features a cute tulip print in pink, red and yellow. Choose this for a girl who loves flowers and add a bright touch to her room.

What do you think of this selection? Do you buy bed covers with a kids’ theme, or do you opt for something that suits all ages?

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