8 Adorable Kids Backpacks ...


8 Adorable Kids Backpacks ...
8 Adorable Kids Backpacks ...

Summer may be here, but it won’t be long before the start of the new school year. There will be so many things to buy – and maybe it’s time to replace that old backpack. Buy one now, and the kids can also use it for days out. I’ve picked out some really cute examples for you to look at.

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Monster in Training

Monster in Training Price: $25 at etsy.com
What parent would argue with this slogan? The backpack features a little monster creating havoc. It comes in pink or grey, and has both an inside and outside pocket for keeping small items safe.



Ladybug Price: $24.99 at etsy.com
This is just adorable! Perfect for preschool or nursery. There are several other designs from the same seller, such as a train or puppy, and the backpack can be personalised with your child’s name or initials.


I Am Your Princess

I Am Your Princess Price: $10 at etsy.com
This would make a great gift for any little girl who loves bunnies. The bag is a simple but roomy drawstring backpack – I have made several myself in this style and use them all the time.


Kitty Purse

Kitty Purse Price: $25 at etsy.com
How cute is this bag? A young tot will adore cuddling this kitty purse. As well as carrying it as a purse, they can also use the handles to turn it into a backpack.



Pirate Price: $18 at etsy.com
Now here’s one for an older lad. Boys won’t want anything too cute, so this skull and crossbones print is perfect for them. Ahoy me hearties!



Balloons Price: $18 at etsy.com
Another great backpack for boys. This one has an added feature not usually found in the drawstring type – an outside zipped pocket. The print shows monkeys playing with balloons – seen all the time in the wild, of course …



Owl Price: $35 at etsy.com
Isn’t this the cutest of them all! This lovely little owl bag has every detail, including eyes, wings and legs. It is fully lined with an inside pocket, and closes with a magnetic stud. Too good for kids!


Mini Backpack

Mini Backpack Price: $20 at etsy.com
This backpack is the perfect size for a small child. You can order one of the designs shown, or request a different one. The bag comes with a really practical velcro closure, which will be easy for small hands to manage.

So, what do you think of these designs? Which is your favourite? Have you ever tried making one?

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