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8 Cute Shower Curtains ...

By Alison

Shower Curtains. The very phrase suggests practical, boring and dull. It’s something that the bathroom needs. Well, it’s true that it’s an essential item if you have a combined shower/bath, but it doesn’t have to be boring! There are some seriously funky curtains out there, and I’ve chosen some of them for you to look at.

Table of contents:

  1. black and grey leaves
  2. rainbow circles
  3. marilyn monroe
  4. photo display
  5. london
  6. modern flowers
  7. tattoo
  8. paris

1 Black and Grey Leaves

Price: $19.97 at
This would look great in a white bathroom, giving just that hint of contrast without being loud. The pattern is very smart, with large black and grey leaves on a white background. Simple and stylish.

2 Rainbow Circles

Price: $24.99 at
If your taste is for something more colourful, then this should fit the bill! A riot of pink, blue, yellow, red and green, this will definitely give your bathroom a bit of oomph. Probably not a good choice if you like wild nights out though, as your eyes will hurt the morning after.

3 Marilyn Monroe

Price: $18.86at
Poor Marilyn – ending up as a shower curtain isn’t much of an epitaph. It is very attractive though, as Marilyn was so beautiful that anything with her image on looks good. Note to manufacturers: please, no Marilyn toilet seat covers though.

4 Photo Display

Price: $16.95 at
I’ve seen screens that have pockets for photos, so that you can have a varying display of pictures. However, I’m not really convinced by applying the same idea to a shower curtain. Do you really want to feel like your mother can see you naked?

5 London

Price: $14.99 at
Now, I can see the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, a red phone box and an Underground sign. What, no red bus or Union Jack? That must be an oversight, as I thought anything London-themed had to have those two emblematic symbols …

6 Modern Flowers

Price: $29.99 at
Who knew that shower curtains could be so stylish? This reminds me of a groovy wallpaper design. Most bathrooms would look instantly fab with this curtain hung up – I fear there is no hope for my 70s avocado monstrosity though. It is beyond saving.

7 Tattoo

Price: $54.99 at
Well I never. Even alternative folks can have the shower of their dreams (at a price). If you don’t want a conventional bathroom, then turn it into a punk palace with this curtain.

8 Paris

Price: $23.99 at
If you don’t want a cliched London scene, then how about a cliched Parisian scene, featuring one of those little cafes on a street corner? Apparently, it ‘will make you feel like you are in a Paris café’ – although the clients and ‘patron’ might wonder what you’re doing there dressed only in a towel …

So, what do you think of this selection? Note that there are NO nautical scenes or fish among them! If your bathroom needs a revamp, why not try one of these fab shower curtains? It’s a cheap way of giving the room a new look, and you never know, it might actually make waking up a pleasure!

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