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7 Cute Shower Curtains ...

By Jennifer

Why is it that we spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars decorating our living rooms and bedrooms, but somehow neglect our poor, boring bathrooms? We spend plenty of time in there, primping and washing and what-not… so why not spruce it up a bit? One easy, inexpensive way to add a little style is with a new shower curtain, something that contrasts nicely with the 1920s vintage pink ceramic tile and sink, or the mod neutral tones from the previous owner. Here are 7 cute shower curtains, in every style, to match any décor!

1 Legendary Blue Dots Shower Curtain

Legendary Blue Dots Shower CurtainPrice: $24.99 at
These blue dots are a reflection, no, a celebration, of the best part of a hot shower — the drops of refreshing, relaxing water! They start as the palest of blue, then patter down until they’re deep royal blue along the hem, ready to form a puddle perhaps?

2 Shower Power Shower Curtain in Sudsy Buds

Shower Power Shower Curtain in Sudsy BudsPrice: $34.99 at
What’s black and white and floral all over? This completely gorgeous 100% cotton shower curtain! It’s ideal for using in a bland bathroom, because you can coordinate it with any bright color you’d like, such as bright yellow or blue or red!

3 Shower Power Shower Curtain in Owl Clean

Shower Power Shower Curtain in Owl CleanPrice: $34.99 at
This forest full of clever little owls has one mission: to keep your modesty intact while you bathe or shower. They’re constantly on alert, while at the same time being incredibly cute. Their vivid plumage ensures they’ll match almost any bathroom décor… how handy!

4 Freshen up Shower Curtain in Primping

Freshen up Shower Curtain in PrimpingPrice: $52.99 at
This cute shower curtain boasts the accoutrements of beauty we all know and love, in a distinctly vintage style. The color scheme is lush and pretty, from palest of pink to brightest of lime. This would look smashing in a vintage pink bathroom, as was popular at the turn of the last century.

5 Freshen up Shower Curtain in Grooming

Freshen up Shower Curtain in GroomingPrice: $52.99 at
This is the manly, masculine version of the vintage-girlie one above. It has the same vintage feel, just the right curtain for the His bathroom, just down the hall from Hers. Because it’s black and white, it will match no matter what color the towels and bath-mats are.

6 Girl in Grotto Shower Curtain

Girl in Grotto Shower CurtainPrice: $64.99 at
This gorgeous, lush purple shower curtain is so ornate and lovely, you’ll be loathe to leave it in the bathroom… you’ll want to use it in every room of your apartment, in one way or another. The print is intricate and… well, for lack of a better word, fancy, especially the ties at the top for securing it to the curtain rod in the bathroom, or any other room in the house.

7 Blooms for Your Room Curtain

Blooms for Your Room CurtainPrice: $32.99 at
Strictly speaking, this isn’t a shower curtain, but I love the idea of using a regular curtain with a vinyl liner because it gives you endless style options! Punch holes in the upper rod loop to hang it, and be sure to wash it frequently so it doesn’t smell moldy… otherwise, use it like you would any other shower curtain.

Now that you’ve seen all of these shower curtains, it’s not going to be easy to choose one, is it? I adore the “Freshen Up” curtains, but they don’t match my bathroom… hmm… which of these cute shower curtains do you like best, and does it match your décor?

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