8 Great Online Games ...


8 Great Online Games ...
8 Great Online Games ...

We’re all guilty of a little time-wasting on the computer when we should be working, or doing something more productive. I’m not a big gamer, preferring simple games such as Scrabble. So, if you want to enjoy little time-wasting yourself, here are my suggestions for quick (mostly) and easy games, all of which can be played by yourself, or against the computer.

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Are you a Scrabble enthusiastic, but don’t have anyone to play a game with? Then register at isc.ro and find people all over the world to play against. Your rank changes according to the results of each game, and you can choose to play a fast or slow game.


Remember Othello? (the game, not the wife-murdering Shakespearean character). Also known as Reversi, go to arcadepod.com and play away. No tiresome flipping over of counters, as in the real game, and it keeps count for you.


I’m hooked on a little game called Bubble Poppers Deluxe. The idea is to make groups of three colored balls which then disappear, and stop the bubbles reaching the bottom of the screen. I’m always saying ‘just one more game …’


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Now this has got to be one of the most joyously silly ideas out there. Plants v Zombies. You can download the trial version for free, but the full game can be found for as little as $5.99. Peashooters, chompers and cherry bombs fight it out with pole-vaulting zombies. Let the mayhem begin!



If you’re a fan of the ancient game of Mahjong, there are plenty of free versions available on the internet. Mahjong is a kind of puzzle/strategy game that requires a very close eye and the ability to plan moves ahead.



Ever played the card game Uno? It can get quite vicious, I assure you … The idea is to get rid of all your cards, but the fun thing about Uno is that it can change very quickly …



Now, this is not the most tasteful game, admittedly, but the ‘Michael Jackson baby game’ is satirizing the infamous balcony scene. Catch the babies as Michael drops them, all to the tune of ‘Smooth Criminal’, but watch out for when he tries to trick you by dropping spiders …



Oops, looks like Santa’s been knocking back too much sherry … and as he gets more and more drunk, he wanders perilously close to the train tracks (no, I don’t know what Santa is doing near the train tracks, but never mind). Your task is to keep him safe, but the drunker he is, the harder he is to control. This game is for all year round, not just for Christmas. Hilarious sound effects too. andkon.com

What little time-wasters do you love? Do you spend hours playing games whe you should be working?

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