8 Must-Have Video Games ...

It's time to put aside the hairspray, curling iron, lipstick, eyeshadow and beautiful dresses (only for a little while though), because we just have to have some fun! We all like to play video games from time to time, but what should we play? Video games have advanced over the past two decades, and there have been some interesting games. When it comes to playing video games, I know the best to play for any type of person, whether it is a puzzle game or even a family game. I really enjoyed these 8 must have video games that I'm about to present to you...

8. Battlefield Bad Company 2

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This game came out about a month ago and I really enjoyed the new features that it was bringing along with it. The game can be played online over XBOX Live, or single player campaign. This time, Battlefield brings you interesting perks, like unlocking weapons and gadgets through a level point system. When I started playing this game, I couldn't put it down, and I still have not unlocked all the perks and weapons. The game is well balanced in each kit and provides you another great battlefield game.

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