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Top 7 Smartphones ...
Top 7 Smartphones ...

Smartphones are definitely becoming more popular. I think this is because we’ve all become so dependant on keeping in touch with everyone, whether it’s for work or pleasure. These phones allow us to access the internet from virtually anywhere, read important emails, take pictures, record videos, and even play interactive games. I’ve searched the net and chose what I thought to be the top 7 smartphones on today’s market.

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Motorola Backflip

Motorola Backflip Photo Credit: Emperor Anton

This is one of the slowest smartphones on my list; however, I do like the flip design. The keyboard is tucked away behind the screen when talking on the phone, but it is easily swung below the screen for quick texting. The only way the keyboard will allow typing to occur is if it is sitting below the screen. This makes it safer for carrying in your pocket and you’ll be less likely to send random ‘pocket messages’ to your friends. Basic multimedia features include a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, video capture capabilities with a rate of 24 frames per second, and editing tools for pictures. There is even an option for quick photo sharing on many of the popular social networking pages.


Palm Pre

Palm Pre Photo Credit: geldred61

Multitasking functions are top of the line with this smartphone, but the keyboard is a bit cramped. There’s also no option for an expandable battery to be added, so if you are long-winded, make sure to have your charger available. The 320 by 480 resolution is small, compared to many other smartphones. I do like the way images can be pinched and pulled to zoom out. Emails can be quickly deleted by swiping your finger across the screen. A variety of apps can be opened at once and they are displayed on the screen like a deck of cards. This makes it much easier to multitask.


BlackBerry Bold 9650

BlackBerry Bold 9650 Photo Credit: echoxiangzhou

I think the optical trackpad is a really cool feature on this phone. It is much easier to use than the traditional navigation balls on previous BlackBerries. You only need to make a simple click to view and select menus with the trackpad. When it comes to multimedia, this BlackBerry is able to sync music and photos easily with the Media Sync component included inside. Emailing capabilities have always been a strong suit with BlackBerries and this version is no exception. You can access up to 10 email accounts at once. There is also the capability to view any PDF files that come through, which makes this an excellent smartphone for business people.



HTC EVO 4G Photo Credit: louisvolant

This is a great multimedia-friendly phone. What make it so special are the dual cameras and the ability to not only create, but also to view high-definition quality content. The 480 by 800 pixel screen measures over 4 inches, providing plenty of screen space for easy viewing. I liked that the videos recorded to this phone are able to be viewed directly on an HDTV. One drawback that I found was that the smaller of the two cameras isn’t mounted flush to the phone. This makes it much easier to scratch.


Apple IPhone 3GS 32 GB

Apple IPhone 3GS 32 GB Photo Credit: Farzads

I take a lot of pictures, so the 3 megapixel camera made this smartphone a bit lower on my list. It also fell in rankings after I found out there’s no option for memory expansion either. However, it does have 32 GB and an excellent selection of apps. Not only do they have a variety of apps, but these are extremely fast at loading and run surprisingly smooth. The battery isn’t able to be changed by the user, so make sure you have your charger on hand.


Droid Incredible by HTC

Droid Incredible by HTC Photo Credit: theineffablebob

The only reason I didn’t put this smartphone at the top of the list was because of its bulkier size. I have small hands and like a phone that is easy to grasp and hold on to. The pixel display is a magnificent 480 by 800 and the screen measures almost 4 inches. As for multimedia, the 8 megapixel camera has an LED flash, video capabilities are excellent, the music player even has an FM radio, and social networking is a breeze with all the Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook updates available.


Nexus One by Google

Nexus One by Google Photo Credit: chinesechef

The noise-cancelling software makes this the perfect phone for people who constantly need to make calls in noisy areas. Although the media player is very basic on this phone, its excellent design and quick performance make up for the lack of a fancy media player. The display has an 800 by 400 pixel resolution and is able to produce images with more than 16 million colors. On-screen keys respond quickly to commands as well. I liked the fact that the 2x digital zoom camera also has an LED flash, which seems to be more common with phone cameras. There is also a text-to-speech feature which is something I’d never heard of before.

If you’re looking for a new smartphone, then hopefully you’ll find these short reviews helpful. Do you currently own a smartphone? What type is it and why did you choose it? I’d love to hear about additional smartphones that you think should go on this list.

Top Photo Credit: LucasDime

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I have a smartphone-HTC incredible-and you forgot to mention that it runs multiple apps at the same time! You can browse different websites simultaneously, even make bookmarks. Don't forget the powerful snapdragon processor!

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