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7 Best Game Consoles ...

By Claire

Stereotypically, games consoles are used by the male race. But who says a girl can't enjoy a good game of Halo or Final Fantasy or even good old Mario? Gaming is addictive and fun and we all love it! What makes a good game better? An awesome gaming console of course. Here's my pick for 7 best games consoles available in the market. Enjoy!

1 Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSiPhoto Credit: gameyeeeah---video game accessories

Price: $169.99 at
The Nintendo DSi is the perfect girly console. It's compact and will fit perfectly in your handbag. It comes in a range of colors including pink and includes a range of games about fashion and so much more! Plus, it has a camera and WiFi connection. What more can you ask for?

2 Nintendo Wii

Nintendo WiiPhoto Credit:

Price: $199.99 at
The Nintendo Wii is the perfect console if you are looking to lose weight. It has many a game for fitness that are designed to get you moving and burning those calories. Plus, it's great for get-togethers and parties. It's simply hilarious to watch your friends have a go at it, especially after a drink or two.

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3 Playstation 3

Playstation 3Photo Credit: Jordon-Bedwell

Price: $299.99 at
Yes, this console is much more expensive than others, however it is definitely worth it. It's swanky, offers smooth game playing and all games are in high definition which means awesome graphics and let's not forget free full online service. I better start saving for this one!

4 Xbox 360

Xbox 360Photo Credit: johnporcaro

Price: $299.99 at
The Xbox 360 is the same price as the PS3 - as you can tell. It is almost similar. The Xbox is such a classic and this console includes all of the old features of the classic Xbox with so much more. It is sleeker, quieter, has a huge amount of memory, meaning you can store pictures, music, anything you want. Plus, it has integrated Wifi and you can access Xbox live, their ultimate online interactive system.

5 Gameboy Advance

Gameboy AdvancePhoto Credit: Plaid Ninja

Price: $209.99 at

This is among the oldest games consoles I remember. This is perfect for you if you love games like Tetris or Super Mario. It's a little hard to find. Also, if you have an old one now, it's worth A LOT of money. However, I advise you don't sell it unless you have to because, it's far too good!

6 Playstation Portable

Playstation PortablePhoto Credit: Yon Pol
Price: $169.99 at
This is such a slick and classy console. It can discreetly hide in your handbag and be used anywhere (think plane entertainment) . It also has tons of applications and WiFi, and many games that will keep you entertained for hours.

7 Gamecube

GamecubePhoto Credit: WooDrew

Price: $79.95 at

I hadn't heard of this console until this year! However, it has many games to offer and is designed to play special "mini" DVD's. It has online play and was one of the first consoles to get it. Plus, it is able to connect to other Nintendo consoles and it comes in a range of colours! It's in short a wonderful console.

There you have the 7 best games consoles according to me. The only problem with games consoles is that they seem to be getting more and more expensive every year! However, they are great to invest in if you want to treat yourself and who cares if gaming is known as a boys only activity. Come on girls, lets show them how good we are!

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