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8 Best News Sources Online ...

By Alison

These days, you don’t need to buy a newspaper or watch TV to know what’s going on in the world. All the information you could possibly want is there online, and can be updated instantly. But which are the best news sites? Where can you find reliable information? Here are some of the best.

1 Reuters

Reuters They don’t get much more reputable than Reuters, which is the largest news agency in the world. Particularly strong on economics and business news, Reuters writes its articles in a way that is easy to understand, even if you are not too knowledgeable about issues like the economy.


BBC Obviously looking at the news from a British perspective, the BBC has a long history. It covers a wider range of topics than the Reuters site, with video reports and news in 32 languages (great for language learning). You can also listen to radio news programmes.

3 the Guardian

the Guardian This is my favourite UK newspaper, with everything from current affairs to interviews to culture. It’s a quality newspaper, but with very readable articles, and some very informative and interesting topics are covered.

4 Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal I’m not exactly savvy when it comes to the economy, but when I first looked at the Wall Street Journal site I was surprised how easy it was to understand. Before then, I’d never have thought of looking at such a ‘heavy’ site, or reading the newspaper. As well as news and the economy, it also features some lifestyle articles, including a particularly interesting one about the revival of an extinct Alaskan language.

5 New York Times

New York Times I’ve never read the actual paper, but the New York Times site is well worth a look. It covers news and culture from around the world, and has thoroughly embraced the digital age. The health section is particularly interesting.

6 Time

Time Another venerable publication, Time can be a little dry for my taste but is undeniably a good source of news. It’s a bit disappointing that some of the online articles are abridged, but you can always check out the full articles if your local library has a copy.

7 I often get articles from this site sent to me by Australian friends. It tends to have a people-oriented slant, so is a good site if you find others too dry.

8 Daily Mail

I do not recommend that you read this site for serious news! But for entertainment value it’s magnificent. The Mail is hilariously obsessed with how welfare recipients, immigrants and Muslims are destroying British society. Read the comments and snigger.

Do you use the internet for finding news articles? Has it replaced the TV for you? What are your favourite sites?

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