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Do you like to drive fast and powerful cars? Well, it's not hard to fall in love with a certain type of car and I assure you if you tried a muscle car it would be instant love. That brute power and torque that most muscle cars have make driving a lot different than driving the average car. Roast your tires or even press the petal to hear the loud engine roar. Will you fall in love with my list of muscle cars?

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The Chevy Nova

The Chevy Nova Photo Credit: kenfagerdotcom

The Chevy nova is defiantly a muscle car that has loads of power and torque that could blow you away. The back wheel drive gives the motor the right torque to roast those tires and make that power comes alive. Although, they don't start out like a exotic car or front wheel drive, this car can still meet 0 - 60 in a few seconds. Only reason they are a bit slow on start off is the reason of too much power and huge motors in the front. A good muscle car to try and fall in love with.


The Barracuda

The Barracuda Photo Credit: Misplaced New Yorker

You might think fish when we talk about the barracuda, but this muscle car was a dream. This car has a big V8 motor and tons of power. The car is a hard find for most people and a good collectable amongst the antiques type muscle cars. Get your hands on this big boy and go joy riding with style!


The Coronet

The Coronet Photo Credit: jerbec

The Coronet is the old fashion muscle car that has the same look as the ford mustang and SS charger, but it has a different look with the hood and front part of the car. The motor in this bad boy of course is a V8 and tons of BHP to go behind it. This car is another muscle car to fall in love with.


Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro Photo Credit: Alireza Behpour

The Chevy Company for muscle cars has come a long way with its muscle car the Chevrolet Camaro and their 2010's are still making a good impression. If you like, the older Chevy camaro's these car's weren’t hard to get or find. The reason why is that it was competing with the Shelby mustang company and other muscle cars.


The Plymouth Road Runner Superbird

The Plymouth Road Runner Superbird Photo Credit: Badger 23

With its unique look and high bhp engine, this car is a dream. Drive this car down the road and fly. There is a reason why they call it the roadrunner. Plymouth had the same intentions as the road runner, they wanted it to burn rubber and have a very fast motor. Well, easy to say it is fast and can burn the rubber off the tires fast. Better have a good spare in the trunk, because they will roast.


MK1 Ford Capri

MK1 Ford Capri Photo Credit: Richard Crawford Photography

Yes, another ford muscle car, but it's one of their unique styles. The small body can fool anyone in to thinking their isn't power. However, you should know better that ford knows how to pack power into a small car. This car is full of torque and power, but has a small body. This still makes the car a muscle car, but has less room.


Pontiac GTO

Pontiac GTO Photo Credit: Steve Brandon

In my recent blog I posted this as one of the top muscle cars to have and here it is again. The Pontiac GTO inspires any driver to fall in love with it, because its brute power you get behind the wheel. The car is an easy find in car shows and they have a lot of room for enhancements. Another loveable car, you shouldn't miss.


Buick GSX

Buick GSX Photo Credit: q8500e

The Buick GSX is an instant fall in love muscle car that really can show you a real power brute. You wouldn't think Buick would produce a muscle car, but they did. Reason for this was that they was so many companies producing muscle cars, they decided to make one themselves. Well, they made one that had some of the highest and best specs for a muscle car for its time.


Dodge Charger

Dodge Charger Photo Credit: Mustang_V8

The Dodge charger coming in second for my list is almost my most favorite muscle cars on this list. They keep coming strong with the dodge charger, even today. You will find this car had a very big engine dating back to the 1970's. The 7.0 liter hemi was produce and was out to beat the Ford mustang or other muscle cars. This car will make you fall in love with it fast. The interior and exterior is unique and has a good look, which catches most muscle car lovers. You also get the first hemi or new hemi depending if you go to the new muscle dodge chargers. So, it's not hard to fall in love with.


Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Photo Credit: Mustang_V8

The ford mustang has come a long way with its pure muscle and brute torque. Every ford mustang that was made was built with a v8 engine. These engines were built to make every muscle car be left in smoke tracks. Many people went to these cars for the looks and power. Personally I've owned three mustangs in my lifetime. Power and the design make the mustang a favorite amongst many. This muscle car is top on my list and has a lot to give it's owner.

My list is finally over and I hope you enjoyed my list of top muscle cars to fall in with. Muscle isn't just for men, it's for women as well. Power and torque can make any person fall in love with a car. Do you think you would fall in love with these muscle cars?

Top Photo Credit: Albert S. Bite

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Please girls don't listen to this article. I looked up women and muscle cars and came here. This is so wrong I registered just to tell you this. A Nova was cheap light car from the 60;s the one shown is from the '70s no guy likes it. The Barracuda is the goofy one when it was first introduced. Girls you want the "Cuda from 1970 to 1972 a Hemi is worth 2 million. Coronet? No body like them. Try a Challenger 1970 and 1971. Get your guy to buy you a Panther Pink one. Camaro Okay. Sound smart when you say they didn't make Camaros after 2002 and before 2010. the Superbird and Dodge Daytona were made for racing. they are too valuable to run on the street. Look for the big wing. A super bird was a road runner a Daytona was a Charger. Capri? NO NO NO Not a muscle car. Try a 1970 454 Chevelle. Buick Pretty good but fairly rare. Get a GSX. Charger yes 100% The new ones have 4 doors WTF? Mustang good. Not all Mustangs have V8 most have 6's you will know a V8 when you hear it! Hope this helps, Steve I have a Camaro, a Charger, A Challenger and 2 ford trucks, and a Hummer. (I'm a Geologist I have to have awesome 4WD)

Thanks for the great list, I totally enjoyed it! I agree that muscle isn't just for men and it makes my heart warm to know that there are women out there who appreciate the beauty of muscle cars. I own a Mustang Shelby GT 500 and I am totally in love with it.

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