10 Diet Books I Love ...

Diets can be seriously confusing. They all have different rules, different foods are good and bad, and different results should be expected. How do you know if your diet will work for you, or if you need to cut out some more carbs? And are you allowed pasta on a Thursday morning? Iโ€™ve started looking at diet books, which clear up the confusion, but some are really complicated too! Here are my favourites...

1. โ€˜How Not to Get Fatโ€™

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Price: $11 at amazon.co.uk
This isnโ€™t really a diet. It simply shows you how to have a healthy relationship with food, which enables you to be able to cut your portions and your dress size accordingly. Itโ€™s full of common sense, about regular meals and calories, but itโ€™s also full of how to enjoy food, and see it as a friend, rather then an enemy. Itโ€™s this that makes it world-class...women have forgotten how to love food, and once youโ€™ve got that passion back, eating is much healthier, and easier!

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