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10 Diet Books I Love ...

By Kati

Diets can be seriously confusing. They all have different rules, different foods are good and bad, and different results should be expected. How do you know if your diet will work for you, or if you need to cut out some more carbs? And are you allowed pasta on a Thursday morning? I’ve started looking at diet books, which clear up the confusion, but some are really complicated too! Here are my favourites...

1 ‘How Not to Get Fat’

‘How Not to Get Fat’Price: $11 at
This isn’t really a diet. It simply shows you how to have a healthy relationship with food, which enables you to be able to cut your portions and your dress size accordingly. It’s full of common sense, about regular meals and calories, but it’s also full of how to enjoy food, and see it as a friend, rather then an enemy. It’s this that makes it world-class...women have forgotten how to love food, and once you’ve got that passion back, eating is much healthier, and easier!

2 ‘100 Foods You Should Be Eating’

‘100 Foods You Should Be Eating’Price: $13 at
I’m used to diet books telling me what I can’t have, rather then what I should, so this was a pleasant surprise. Foods from chocolate to vegetables to duck are listed, and alongside them are all the health benefits, and some great recipes which contain that ingredient. It’ll make you feel passionate about eating, and enjoy your meals.


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3 ‘the Nordic Diet’

‘the Nordic Diet’Price: $14 at
Scandinavian food is always talked about for being healthy yet tasty, and this book explains the lifestyles and recipes. It has some amazing recipes using classic Scandinavian foods such as rye bread and seasonal vegetables, and also talks about the way of life, and exercise, which will inspire you to take long walks and enjoy nature. As well as being a great diet book, it’s also inspiring and informative!

4 ‘Mindless Eating’

‘Mindless Eating’Price: $9 at
This was the book of 2010. Written by a scientist, it shows the results of his studies on eating, and how we manage to eat much more then we think we do. It then shows how many extra calories can be consumed this way, and helps us to stop. It is a fantastically written book, and its unbeatable.

5 ‘the I Diet’

‘the I Diet’Price: $14 at
Gino rose to fame in the I’m A Celebrity camp, and this book shows off all his culinary genius! The book aims to show how we can enjoy large, tasty Italian meals without allowing our waistbands to expand. Gino’s book contains amazing Italian recipes that are full of flavour and goodness without being full of calories, too.

6 ‘Rosemary Connoleys Amazing Inch Loss Plan’

‘Rosemary Connoleys Amazing Inch Loss Plan’Price: $12 at
This is a sensible eating and exercise regime which will help you to lose the inches, and the instructions are designed to be easy enough to keep you motivated and unconfused. The planning is out of your hands, and the ingredients are all readily available, so theres no excuse not to follow it. It’s great for when I don’t want to have to think it all through!

7 ‘the Source’

‘the Source’Price: $12 at
This book looks at energy as being the centre of a diet, and encourages readers to drop all empty calories and instead fill up on nutritious foods which won’t leave them with cravings. Not only does it help you to look amazing, but it will help to reduce stress levels and make you generally healthier, too.

8 ‘Hypnodiet’

‘Hypnodiet’Price: $12 at
Written by one of the best known hypnotists, this great book contains no calorie counting, and no exercise plans. What it does do is contain information and tips on challenging your attitude to food, and contains hypno-sessions recorded which you listen too when instructed. It’s even credited with helping Lily Allen lose’s a great book which reprogrammes your mind for the better!

9 ‘Escape the Fat Trap for Life’

‘Escape the Fat Trap for Life’Price: $10 at
This book contains all the correct facts on diets and losing weight, and dispels popular myths. It isn’t a diet by itself, but it’ll straighten you up on what to do and what not to do, and what really works, which gives you a much better chance of correcting your eating habits long term. I learnt a lot from this!

10 ‘New You Boot Camp’

‘New You Boot Camp’Price: $14 at
Have you heard about the weight loss bootcamps? Well, this book is written by the women who own one. It gives you all the workouts you’ll need, and an eating plan. Follow it correctly and you’ll drop a dress size in two weeks...impressive! It does take a lot of determination to stick too, but it will keep its promise, and increase your overall fitness!

I keep all of these books on my bookcase, as they are great to lend to friends or re-read when I’m forgetting the best parts of each diet. I don’t like to diet properly, but stealing healthy eating tips has kept me slim for now! Have you read a diet book you’d recommend, or a really rubbish one? Please tell me your thoughts!

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