Top 8 Fun Video Games for XOBX 360 ...


Top 8 Fun Video Games for XOBX 360 ...
Top 8 Fun Video Games for XOBX 360 ...

There is a lot of relationship advice on here and stuff about the breakup blues. Let’s sweep all of that under the rug, break out with our pink controller and have some fun! Yes, I am a girl and I like playing video games. Many are against games, they say they rot your mind, but this is certainly not true. Just look at the studies that have been done. Research has shown that they improve your coordination. Below, I am going to give you the top 8 fun video games on XBOX 360. All of these games are on my shelf right now, so I do have experience with them…

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Halo (3 and ODST)

Halo (3 and ODST) Photo Credit: GEEK ASiA

I had to list both Halo 3 and ODST, because they both rock! I love playing Halo 3 on XBOX Live. This is something the family enjoys doing. All three of us have out own gamer tag so we can play this game. If you have never tried it out, it is definitely worth the try!


Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2 Photo Credit: Peench

I liked Saints Row 1, so I just had to get Saints Row 2 and I must say, it’s worth the play. This time, instead of being a boy, you can also be a girl. Not only this, but you can also customize your characters. You will be retaking the city of Stilwater.


Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2 Photo Credit: Gamersrevenue

The original Gears of War was interactive. The graphics are incredible. The sequel has the same formula and now you can play it on XBOX Live. It introduces new environments, enemies and weapons. It has a ten hour campaign that is very entertaining. In multiplayer, you have more significant upgrades, including ten new maps, four new modes and support for up to ten players.

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Mass Effect 2

This is an awesome game. All of the gamers who played the first Mass Effect definitely needs to play this one. The art design has surely improved. In number 2, you have ammo and not just grenades. The shooting more satisfying. It has a bigger star map and you can probe planets.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 Photo Credit:

With this game, you can unlock ranks and go up weapons. It also has perks. This is full of intense gaming action that makes it an absolute blast (no pun intended). This is a fun game to play on the 360.



Saw Photo Credit: Arieseffects

Do you like the Saw movie series? I do, I think they truly are a twist. If you enjoyed the movies, then you are definitely going to enjoy the game as you will be the character going through all of those Jigsaw traps and trying to survive. Do you have what it takes?



Borderlands Photo Credit: Milgeek

In this game, there is a mysterious alien structure that is thought to hold treasures of wealth and power. This game is all about the long journey and not the destination. You will definitely have a good time with this one. It is RPG style type, but a shooter. You have four characters that you can be. It is a four player co-op and a two player split screen, so you can play with your partner.

Those are 8 top video games on my list that you can play on the XBOX 360. The XBOX 360 has so many games that are fun to play. These games offer you the action you long to have. Oh and don’t forget about the racing games, such as Midnight Club and Need for Speed! How many of you out there like playing video games? What type?

Top Photo Credit: MarkyBon

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