8 Veggies to Serve Your Child ...


8 Veggies to Serve Your Child ...
8 Veggies to Serve Your Child ...

It's time to learn about what veggie to serve your child. There are many different veggies to give your kids and some they will like and of course, some they will dislike. That's why we need to aim for those veggies that all kids like. Let me tell you some good 8 Veggies to Serve Your Child…

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Broccoli Photo Credit: terri_tu

The broccoli alone not cooked can be a bad idea for kids. They want veggies that are easy to eat and soft to chew. You can cook the broccoli in a pan and boil it to make it soft and taste good. You can add ingredients like cheese, salt, or even ranch dressing.



Asparagus Photo Credit: Esteban Cavrico

Asparagus is best cooked to the boil to make them soft and easy to serve. They are easy to eat as long as you boil real good. If you don't boil them correctly, you will find yourself having troubles chewing them and end up wasting them. Kids like them for the taste and they can be salted and peppered for better taste.


Collard Greens

Collard Greens Photo Credit: Delairen

All collard greens taste good when boiled with some pig's feet or some sort of beef bone. You don't have to eat the meat on the bones of course, but adds a very good flavor to the collard greens. All kids like collard greens and the juice they have.



Potatoes Photo Credit: Chennette

Mash potatoes or even baked potatoes are a favorite amongst all kids. Mash potatoes are easy to eat and can have a light butter added to them for more taste. You can make tons of things with potatoes and make kids love them. The potato isn't green, but is a vegetable, because it comes from a plant.



Peas Photo Credit: bitzi☂

Peas are the easiest vegetable to cook and make on the stove. All you need to do is add a little of water and shell the peas and boil them in water. Drain the water and there you go, you have soft peas to eat and your kids will want more. You can add brown sugar to them to add taste.



Corn Photo Credit: floridapfe

Corn can be served many ways and one of the best ways to serve it is on the cob. The corn on the cob can be grilled, boiled or cooked on a skillet. This is a simple meal for those kids that need to break in some teeth or loosen teeth. Corn has many nutrients and most kids like it for the taste. You also can make a cream of corn to add a neat creamy taste.


Butter Beans

Butter Beans Photo Credit: Evening Edge.com

Butter beans can be served with pork or even certain spicy foods, but I consider leaving out the spicy food part. You can cook butter beans in a pot and boil it for a long time. You can serve it to your kids and enjoy a good tasting meal. Pepper and salt can add a good taste.


Green Beans

Green Beans Photo Credit: Rigib

I put this one as number one for many reasons. I have never seen a kid not like green beans before. They can be served in a casserole or even served boiled. They sometimes shred the green beans to get a better taste out of them. You can add salt and pepper to make a good taste to these as well.

Veggies are important to every ones diet and when you don't eat them you lack certain vitamins. As you grow up it's important to show your children to be positive towards eating their veggies. Do you serve your kids these for dinner or lunch?

Top Photo Credit: cuorhome

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Corn is actually a grain...XD

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