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8 out of Ten Online Daters Lie for Love ...

By Gayla

When looking for love online, eight out of 10 people lie about their appearance by making themselves an inch or so taller **or **trimming a few pounds, according to a survey of Internet daters.

Over half of the men questioned, or 52.6 percent, made themselves taller while 39 percent of women claimed greater height.

Women more commonly trimmed their weight to make themselves more appealing, with 64.1 percent of women registering a false weight compared to 60.5 percent of men.

When it came to age, 24.3 percent of the men were untruthful, compared with 13.1 percent of the women.

Do online daters NOT see the impact these little white lies could potentially have?

For the sake of this discussion, lets say that you do lie on your profile - you add an inch or two and subtract 20 pounds or so. Do you NOT ever plan on meeting anyone in person? If so, don’t you think it’s going to be obvious that You ARE a LIAR?

Let’s go a bit further here and say the person you meet is willing to overlook these little white lies, but later on, once a relationship begins to form - that same person begins to look back on when and how the two of you met when the LIGHTBULB goes off….

They realize they are dating a LIAR! And begin to think about the bigger picture - IF you are so willing to lie about the small stuff - they’re wondering what about the big stuff? Would you lie about that too?

How can you possibly anticipate a relationship that was established on such a week foundation as a lie, to succeed?

Isn’t it better to lump it from the beginning and just tell the truth?

Wouldn’t you much rather fall in love with someone that is willing to overlook that inch you feel you are lacking or that bit of extra poundage your lugging around and know that your relationship was built on the foundation of painful yet total honesty?

Why would you lie? Have you lied? Did it work or did it backfire?

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