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How to Keep Your Man Stay for Years

By Guest

By Jeralyn Siase

Every woman’s concern these days is how to keep theirman to remain loyal and faithful in the relationship. It has always been a dilemma ever since men were born since they are said to be polygamous genetically. Some say you can never resist it from them; they will cheat and cheat as many times as they like to do so.

So keeping your man loyal to you is your prime objective. But do you know how? Do you just forgive your partner when he cheated you once? So, there it happened—twice, thrice and more, most probably.

Since we can never tell what a man’s desire, a woman can certainly do some tips to make him stay. First off, be gentle to him. Do not nag. Do not even quarrel him if he’s mistaken.

In some other case, we may get tired of being so nice to him. Well in that case, time to be nagger but in the friendly way either. Try to be bad at times. It is not good that you are always an angel to his eyes. Let him know that you can be bad at times too. Change your moods at times. Do not be monotonous because he might assume that you are somewhat like that.

Then again, no matter what happen — let him know that you love him even though you are mad. If things may arise in the relationship, be calm and communicate with each other to solve the cheating issues.

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