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Why Are There Cheaters? Learn the 4 Main Reasons

By Mabelle

55%. That's the percentage of people who are unfaithful to their partners. With the onslaught of online dating, there's an additional avenue for those in a relationship to meet new people and be unfaithful to their partners.

But I do personally think that no matter how many temptations **are laid down before you – you will **not be 'tempted' to cheat if you are conscious about how your actions will affect the feelings of your partner.

According to emotional health adviser Ms. Cyprah, there are four main reasons why we are cheaters:

1 Loss of Attraction & Communication

Here, Ms. Cyprah explains how when one's look wanes, the physical attributes which initially attracted you to another person will slowly fade as well. When this happens, your communication suffers and you will find your partner 'lacking' in many respects.

2 Lack of Gratitude & Appreciation

If you take for granted the words "Thanks" **and **"You look great" – our partners would assume that we do not appreciate them anymore. When this inner resentment is kept – you will reach a boiling point which might cause you to be unfaithful.


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3 Lack of Affirmation

If you say "I love you" five times a day and your husband does not even say it back to you at least once – that is a glaring lack of affirmation. Remember that it takes two to work on any type of relationship. If your partners feels like he or she is the only one who is trying to **make the relationship work **– they will surely wonder whether being with you is worth it or not!

4 Loss of Significance & Value

You go into a relationship to feel loved, wanted and needed. If your partner does not make you feel any of these things – there is a tendency to go looking **for it **somewhere else. Think about it!

Respect and love begin with the self. If we have none, how can we give away any?
-Ms. Cyprah

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