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Do You Cheat

By Mabelle

The excuse that some men have for cheating is that "Variety is the zest of life." Uh-huh? I don't think so!

Based from the latest **survey **conducted by MSNBC, 22% of the respondents have cheated on their partners.

The two most popular reasons are:

1 A Desire to Fulfill **emotional **needs

2 The Ability to '**sample**' an Assortment of Partners

Still, others see cheating as a way to get even with their partners who cheated on them, too.

Call me a prude or something, but this is one comment that I strongly agree with:

Nothing is worth destroying your marriage and family over. You're not just cheating on your spouse, but if you have young children, you're cheating on them, too. Being unfaithful is one of the most selfish things you can do.
- Shannon, Pittsburgh

I've never cheated on any of my past relationships - and I don't intend to. I'd rather break up with someone and nip in the bud any potential 'cheating' - rather than make my **boyfriend suffer **at the thought that I've been with another man while we're together.

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