Wanna Tame Your Mother-in-Law?


Wanna Tame Your Mother-in-Law?
Wanna Tame Your Mother-in-Law?

Whether you've been married for one or ten years - or if you're about to be married - how the heck do you score points with your mother in law?

If our own moms are pretty hard to please, can you imagine how doubly difficult it must be to look good in the eyes of our in laws?

Here are a few tipsthat you can follow:

β€’ Give her regular "How're things doing?" calls.
Your hubby's mom would hate it if you completely shut her out of her son's (married) life. It'll be thoughtful to give her calls just to check how she's doing.

β€’ Don't mess with her recipes - even if you're in your own kitchen!
Say you invited your mother-in-law to dinner. If she makes a suggestion for your meat loaf recipe, take her up on it. Better yet, ask her to write you down a copy of the recipe. The next time that she comes over, she may even whip up one of her sumptuous dishes to help you out!

β€’ Don't go into war mode with your hubby in front of her.
Remember that your husband's her son - so she's bound to take his side. If you're having problems dealing with a **monster-in-law **- talk it out with your husband and try not to get into a catfight with her, lol.

At the end of the day, remember that when you married your husband, a mother-in-law comes with the package. **So even if you can't stand her - **just grin and bear it!

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Thank god my mom-in-law is a great person and I do not have to deal with this... Good luck to those of you, guys, who has to... But it seems to me that if she hates you, you can be as nice as you can, she will still hate you. She will find a tone of reasons to. It's all about the fact that you took her little boy, and it does not matter how careful you are with her recipes it's not going to fix that. I think the only way out here is to let her know that she has that special place in your husband's heart and you could never take that from her. Oh, and flattery helps too. A lot. Make compliments about how great he is (which would read - you did such a great job as a mom, he grew up a perfect man, because you were a perfect mom).

Hi, Nice topic. Am engage to b married but my mum-in law is already trouble me. I try to Call her not every week but once in a while but she alway has something bad to say am fed up with her manners. She make as if am snatching her son in fact i have always want to stay close to her. I have always consider her like my mother but she take me as a monster. What can i do with such a person. Don;t want to back talk of her to my fiancé as she is his mum. HELP

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