Do Women in Great Relationships Cheat?


Do Women in Great Relationships Cheat?
Do Women in Great Relationships Cheat?

Yesterday morning I accidentally ran into my old friend Liza who is a furniture designer of 33 **happily married to an older and bolding investment banker Cliff (sorry, but I had to change names of these two and now you will see why).

As I was saying, I met Liza yesterday walking my dog at 5 in the morning and she still had that Friday night out look** with a bit smudged smoky eye hailing a taxi and kissing right in the street with a handsome stranger. That tall drink of water was not her Cliff. As a matter of fact, Cliff was supposed to be in Europe for the next 2 weeks...

As soon as I saw them I knew that the awkward moment could not be avoided - I could not just run away - she would have recognized my back and my dog Alba which would have made it even more awkward afterwards.

Later that day Liza called me and we met for lunch. After the 10 minute "catch-up" chat she decided to bring up the "morning" topic, my face blushed like I was the one partying with another man. Anyway, here is what she said (not word for word, of course, but you will grasp the idea):

It's just an old friend of mine, we went to college together and he was in the city for the weekend. It's not as if it was serious or anything, just one time thing, I love Cliff and Cliff loves me, I would never get into anything that could end our **marriage... And last night it was just fun. I hope you understand.

I knew women were **cheating, I cheated myself but I did not know that women in great relationships cheated too. Do we?
I decided to ask a few more friends:

I cheated on my second husband once - when my girlfriends and I were in Las Vegas - I was so drunk I do not even remember his name... or his face... I would not recognize him in the street. After this I had that "guilt" feeling for almost 6 months, every time someone said Las Vegas I would blush. The first day I got home it felt like it was all written on my forehead, I still can't believe we lived for 2 years after that without him knowing of what happened. Till the day we were filing for a divorce.

Diane, 38, accountant

I never **cheated on my husband, I would have died of shame if I did and he would have found out, he is so honest and loving... He's just gave me this Tiffany bracelet for our **2 months ****wedding anniversary, look!

Elison, 27, MBA student

I never cheated on neither the 1st, the 2nd or the 3d bastard I've been married to, somehow they always were first to 7 Tips if You're Tempted to Cheat ... @Alison on me, assholes, all men are assholes!

Grace, 36, PR agent, Diane's friend

"I think women crave more emotion sometimes, than what their partner gives and sadly are misguided into thinking an affair and sex will help when it's the emotional side they are missing."
Barbara Siragusa, 50, Beauty Cast Babe

"For me personally, there's always got to be love, care and respect to consider it a great relationship, and I'd never cheat if I had something like that, even if I felt the need to spice up my relationship I'd let him know what I want to solve it together and avoid cheating!"


"If it is a great relationship, what are the positive things making it a great relationship? If it is a great relationship, it would seem then, that she would not have a need to cheat. Women who are not in great relationships and feel there is more out there, the old saying, the grass may be greener, may then want to explore to see if there is something better. A woman considering exploring (cheating) who is not in a great relationship just seems to make a bit more sense. Her needs may not be met in a not so good relationship, regarding attention, affection, respect etc. She may not feel special anymore and may want to feel that way again."

Shoreen, 45

"Yes they do, I know from experience. Unfortunately most girls are just like most guys. they are never satisfied with one person and they like variety. no matter how good he is he is always gonna lack something(even the most petty things) and girls place way too much importance on that and look for it in someone else instead of appreciating all of the good things he has."

Trent 'tryplethreat' Tolliver

"The weakest point why cheating do occur is sexual dissatisfaction. This fire only burns during honey moon and completely dies out in the face of reality of hard work and busy schedule. A man fails to combine both his work and bedroom fatigues thereby causing loss of desire towards his wife. A woman still in high libido will look through the window for what can cool her fire."

James Ocaya Tontik Atona

"Yes, women can cheat while in great relationships, i did, i was suffering from depression, i thought i hated my partner, i thought he hated me, i felt like i had failed as a mother, a friend and as a person, i became desperate to find a way out, i found it in another man... my relationship was great, but it was me that needed help."

Jennifer King
Looks like sometimes women in **good relationships** cheat and sometimes women in **bad relationships** do not, some of them feel guilty afterwards and others wish they were the first to cheat...

I cheated on my first **boyfriend** back in college - I was going out with another guy for about 4 months and they both had no idea of what was going on. Maybe my old boyfriend decided not to notice flowers and my late nights out and the new one was too busy to pick me up right after classes. I finally had to break up with both of them, because somewhere in the middle of this mess I met this third guy who is my husband now.

Special thanks to the girls who gave their opinion on the matter.

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F*ck whoever the hell you want...most men do. People are only as good as their opportunities. EVERY guy I know has cheated, is cheating or wants to cheat.

I have been in a loving, awesome relationship for the past 8 years. My boyfriend and I have lived together for the past 5 years and I love him very much. That being said I dont know why but I have had my slip ups when it comes to remaining faithful. I screwed up a couple of times when I was too drunk to be concious but that is no excuse. The guilt you feel after cheating is just not worth it. This past year my boyfriend and I have been working alot. We are still in a great relationship but im becoming really close to a coworker and am scared of developing feelings for him. I dont want to end what i have with my boyfriend but im starting to become attracted to my friend. I know I dont want to cheat and more than likely im not going to but still feel guilty for even thinking about it. The times I did cheat when I was drunk the guy ment nothing to me but this is worse because I think my friend likes me too. Altough, we have not acted on it the guilty feeling is once again killing me.

One type of woman who will surely betray you: She had a long term boyfriend all through college and then he broke up with her. He was her first love and first lover. And she was all set to get married. STAY the hell away form this lady. No matter what she says - it is highly unlikely she will ever get over it. Her brain is wired with an attachment to this lost love. It is unlikely she will ever get over it - even 25 years later. If you marry her, no matter how fine a person she is - kind to all - she will betray you and run this man like a moth to a flame. Read some of the matrimonials in the New York Times: they were college sweathearts but drifted. Both got married and 30 years later they were divorced/widowed and he found her on the internet. It was as if they were in college again. Pity the sucker that married her and lived with her for 30 years!! Don't be that sucker. Stay away from a woman who had a 4 year college boy friend!

Its amazing when people wonder who cheats more between men and women. Isn't it clear enough that when a man cheats, he is not doing it with another man but with a woman (at least most of the time). For every cheating man out there, there is a cheating woman to match up to hid sexcapades.

many of us straight men can be very happy with just one woman to share a life with, but today many women seem to need so many different men in their life instead of just only one. and when you compare the women of years ago to today, they were certainly committed to just one man and they were very happy too. it is very obvious why our parents and grandparents had very long marriages back then, and a lot had to do with trust and being very faithful.

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