Is There Something Wrong with Sex before Marriage?


Here's something to mull over during the weekend:

“A lot of people look for the correct person, but they don’t worry about becoming the correct person.”

The website is, and the author enumerates the many ways that premarital sex has become the boon of modern society:

Now I understand that many might say that “nobody waits for marriage anymore”. But this is the exact same reason why we have so many problems when it comes to the topic of sex:

The exact same reason why people suffer from so much “emotional baggage”. The exact same reason why HIV is a top threat to modern society. The same reason why so many people die from AIDS. The top reason of so many abortions. The seed reason for why more than 50% of all marriages end in divorce because of infidelity .

Hmmm…. I personally do not agree that sex before marriage is to blame for everything that's wrong in our society. But there is a certain level of truth to the fact that we should be a little choosy when it comes to the people that we commit to: **whether it's for marriage or a long-term relationship. **

And hey, if you have no way of knowing whether a guy's good in bed or not - why the heck would you risk tying yourself to that person permanently, right? Any thoughts on the subject?

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uhm sex before marraige doesnt bother me, but sex before love does. and in some cultures, theres often marraige without love too (inc our own).

I think its ok as long as ur protected and u love tht person

yes thats so truee....well anyless if u have sex more than 10 tiimes.. wat the @#~~€ who cares??

People need to educate themselves about HIV / AIDS & STD's. And also the importance of having safe sex!!!

I think premarital sex is acceptable as long as the person is educated on the possible consequences of sex without birth control such as STD's and pregnancy. Having premarital sex is also a great learning experience which can benefit the person when they get married. If you decide that you are into using toys or bondage or something of that nature but your partner is not into it there is a decent chance that you'd look outside of that marriage to find someone who shares the same sexual interests as you. If you had sex with this person before you got married then you could avoid situations such as this.

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