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Naomi's 'Spiritual' Connection to the Great Sphinx Hello

By Mabelle

Wanna know what's up with the cell phone throwing supermodel Naomi Campbell these days?

Naomi recently visited a half-lion, half-human Egyptian landmark **where she was guided by **Zahi Hawass, Egypt's Supreme Council secretary general.

Hawass said: "She is particularly interested in the Great Sphinx of Giza. She claims she feels a great spiritual connection to it. I took her to visit and she started talking to it."

Does this mean that the temperamentally-challenged model found a way to connect **with her inner, **spiritual self? What about that report that she compared Kabbalah – where Madonna **and **Demi Moore are followers – to Alcoholics Anonymous?

Here's her Kabbalah tirade:

I knew about Kabbalah before Madonna got involved. Kabbalah is not a religion, it's a program. I don't like getting hooked on things like that. It reminds me of AA but just with different words. They've got the same principles. We're all looking for positivity in our lives and looking towards the light but I just believe in God. I am religious. I pray most days and do my thing. But each to their own.

Yeah, Naomi is religious, she prays most days – and I'm a cellphone throwing supermodel just like you! Go figure!

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