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5 Tie-Dye Decisions Hippie Yay Hippie Nay

By Meream

1 Proenza Schouler Tie-Dye Tank

Nay for the original, of course. Because who spends $275 on a tank top you can DIY? But yay for the look for less, of course.

2 Tie-Dye Prom Dress

Hmm... This is tough. If the theme is summer-y or the event is held during the day, I guess this could work. What do you think, ladies?

3 Tie-Dye Summer Dresses for under $50 Each

A big whopping yay from me, of course! The pink one is very cute. And if I do buy a maxi dress soon (can you believe I don't have one?), I'll probably go for a blue tie-dye dress like the one shown here.

4 Tie-Dye Yellow Scarf

In this shade of sunshiny yellow? I say YAY. Doesn't it look nice with a blue-gray outfit?

5 Tie-Dye Trend

Are you generally opposed? Or do you like this print? I admit that I used to hate tie dyes but they have grown on me. They looked great on the runway.
Top Image By: Mama's A Rolling Stone

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