What's the One Thing You've Always Wanted to do?


What's the One Thing You've Always Wanted to do?
What's the One Thing You've Always Wanted to do?

#IveAlwaysWantedTo do so many things – go to Paris, try my hand at painting, learn how to ice skate, spend a year abroad, be really extroverted and try standup comedy. From the silly to the fulfilling to the inspiring, we all have things we've always wanted to do. From the funny to the ludicrous to the amazing, the Twitter-verse, Tumblr-land, and various other social media outlets are all exploding with today's hot trend. People are speaking out about the things they've always wanted to do. Let's take a look at the comical and inspiring alike – and then I want you to chime in!

I always like to see how Twitter users respond to trends, especially when they have the potential to be so fulfilling. You always get such a great mix of the ridiculous and the real. For example:

Evil_Dumbledore: “#IveAlwaysWantedTo turn around in a big chair and say 'I've been expecting you..'”

ChanelTAT: “#IveAlwaysWantedTo be a guy for a day , so I can understand things from their point of view.”

justgenelineeee: “#IveAlwaysWantedTo lay down in a grass field with a special someone and just look up at the stars.”

AustinKeller: “You know what? #IveAlwaysWantedTo be your first and last. Your hello without goodbye.”

AlexConstancio7: “#IveAlwaysWantedTo climb up a really tall building and jump off with a parachute.”

AyeKatelyn: “#IveAlwaysWantedTo Walk out the classroom when the teacher said 'Anyone else who doesn't want to learn, please leave now.'”

I'm really down with a lot of these – ChanelTAT's is an interesting proposition!

#IveAlwaysWantedTo know what y'all have always wanted to know, do, see, or experience, too – and whether it's part of the the sublime or the ridiculous, I think we should all try our best to make our biggest dreams happen.

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