Laser Treatment to Turn Brown Eyes Blue: Yes or No?

In a world where so much importance is placed on physical appearance and where people will go to great lengths in the name of vanity, here's another bizarre procedure that has recently crept in...a laser treatment that can irreversibly turn brown eyes blue!

The creator/crazy man in question is Dr. Gregg Homer, a former entertainment lawyer turned doctor. Here's how the procedure works: A computer scans the iris and uses a laser to disrupt the brown pigment on the surface of the eye. Since blue pigment lies beneath the brown pigment, removing the outer layer of melanin can reveal a bluer look under it. Since the brown pigment is damaged and will not regenerate, Homer says, the eye removes it naturally, eventually transforming brown eyes to blue in about 2-3 weeks. The whole procedure lasts about 20 seconds and will cost $5000!
When asked about the side effects, he said that he uses 15 "sophisticated" tests to ensure that no tissues are damaged. But in the very next sentence, he went on to say, "Is it possible that something comes down the road? It's possible." Oh that's very comforting Homer. He still has a year of research ahead of him and says the procedure should be available in the US within 3 years.

So here's my personal take on the whole thing. I've been using glasses for 10 years now, contacts for 5 and people always ask me why I haven't considered LASIK to correct my vision. The truth is I have and I'm petrified, especially after the lastFinal Destination movie. So, when I can't get myself to go for something as tried and tested and proven to work as LASIK, I certainly can't even imagine this laser treatment (inspite of the 10 years of research that has gone into it) and all for what, beautiful, blue eyes? I like my brown eyes just fine and hey, if I ever feel like it, what are colored contacts for.

Would you ever consider this treatment or would you stick to contact lenses? Seriously, where will we draw the line? Btw, here's the perfect song for Dr. Homer:

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