How do You Know if You Ain't Got Swag?


How do You Know if You Ain't Got Swag?
How do You Know if You Ain't Got Swag?

Swag. You either have it or you don't. Some say it can be bought, others firmly disagree -- often with colorful language! It means different things to different people as well. Maybe it's swagger -- not just a cool strolling saunter but also that attitude, the one that lets everyone know you know you're awesome. Maybe you go for a more literal definition; maybe, for you, swag is really S.W.A.G., "Stuff We All Get," delicious freebies that let you rock your roll a little more. Regardless of how you define the elusive term, people are currently talking about it. Specifically, they have very strong opinions of how to know if You Don't Have Swag.

_Snape_: "You don't have swag like Malfoy:"
LMFAO__JK: "Can I borrow some swag from you? LMFAO JK you don't have swag. Would you like some of mine?"

Its__Stewie: "You Don't Have Swag if you say "swag" every 5 minutes. However you may have a mental disorder."

DepressedDarth: "If you can't rock knee high boots and a cape, You Don't Have Swag."
Lord_Voldemort7: "You don't have swag, you have issues..."
ChrysLeak: "You Don't Have Swag if you keep trying to convince people that you do."

So, according to the Twitter-verse, you don't have swag if you say it all the time, if you act like you do, if you can't work it with some high boots and a cape, or if you dress up for Breaking Down. You also don't have swag if your name's not Draco Malfoy.

So how do you define swag? Or is it like Fight Club? The first rule of swag is that you do not talk about swag!

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