8 Heidi Klum 'Dos Which One Works?


8 Heidi Klum 'Dos Which One Works?
8 Heidi Klum 'Dos Which One Works?

Have you guys seen some of the latest photos of Heidi Klum? She is rocking an interesting hairstyle. It makes her look her age (or ten years older). I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Seriously, I can't say anything bad about her hairstyle because her gorgeousness seems to give her the power to pull off any kind of 'do. Let's take a look at the many hairstyles she has sported over the years.

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Banging Short

Banging Short This is the 'do I talked about in the intro. What do you think of it? I have read many people's opinions and they are not nice. Yes, it makes her one of the Brady girls and yeah, she looks like she's over 40, but come on, she still looks great!


Stick Straight

Stick Straight Thishairstyle makes herlook younger, doesn't it. Or perhaps it's the makeup. One thing is for sure, though, she looks like she's in her 20's here. The look is kinda boring but she makes it look fab.


One Side Long Bob

One Side Long Bob This is one pretty 'do as well. The color is great. While it may not be a young style like the previous look, it still suits her pretty face. And oh look, her trademark gorgeous smile.


Side Bang Layers

Side Bang Layers This is a variation of the second look. It makes the stick straight 'do less boring, for sure. Not my favorite of her looks, though. Do you like this?


Banging Shoulder Length

Banging Shoulder Length So if only she made her latest look a few inches longer, she would not look as vintage. She looks great with thesefabulous bangs, doesn't she. A bit of ironing sure made this a pretty, modern style.



Wavy This is like your typical sex kitten style, isn't it? It's very Charlie's Angels, but in a good way. It's not her everyday 'do since we mostly see her with wavy hair for TV appearances and such only but it looks great on her. You know, it would be great if she gets some sort of perm. Not tight curls, just something wavy and lovely.


Banging Long

Banging Long Doesn't Heidi look like a young and hip celebrity mom here? This is something she sported several years ago but it was a great look. Perhaps she feels the need to appear more "mature" these days?


Red Carpet Updo

Red Carpet Updo A typical updo for red carpet events. I have nothing bad to say about her red carpet hairstyles. She carries them off fabulously!

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i like three.

i love number 4, the side bangs

I don't mind the current do at all. She's Heidi. She could carry off anything!

yes, she's Heidi, and can pull of anything...but my question is where is the hairdresser? why would they even consider turning her into a 40-something mortal like the rest of us?!

Not a fan of 1 or 5, but I wish I was brave enough to experiment like her!

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