10 Hayden Panettiere 'Dos through the Years ...


10 Hayden Panettiere 'Dos through the Years ...
10 Hayden Panettiere 'Dos through the Years ...

The first few episodes I saw of Heroes, three things got stuck in my head right away: 1. Sylar is yummy, 2. Masi Oka will make a wonderful, adorable friend, and 3. Claire has got a serious case of "popular girl" hair. Popular girl hair? Well, you know what I'm talking about --- the kind of 'do that many popular girls (often cheerleaders) in teen movies sport. The blonde with bouncy curls kind. As Heroes moved to the subsequent seasons, I lost interest in the show but remained observant of "the cheerleader's hair style." Here are 'dos that Hayden has sported over the years I've been stalking the..uh...cheerleader:

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Big Curls

Big Curls Not in a big hair kind of way. If I remember correctly, this is the cheerleader hair that got me started on following her hair-volution. She looked so innocent then, didn't she?


Layered Straight

Layered Straight She still had that innocent glow here as well, didn't she? I'm not so sure about the almost two-toned coloring but she looked cute with straight hair.


Layered Side Bangs

Layered Side Bangs This is a pretty cut. Methinks the eyebrows look a bit dark for her hair but she still has that porcelain doll aura. Must be the very rosy cheeks.


Sleek Straight

Sleek Straight She is rocking that neutral makeup look, doesn't she? The hair looks great as well, of course. You will notice that she is slowly becoming a woman of the world here; no more hints of that innocent cheerleader who captured hearts of teenage boys all over the world.


Loose Waves

Loose Waves This is a very beach babe look that suits her. If a superhero of some sort is made with her as inspiration, this hair should be the model. Superhero Hayden will be a beach babe who saves marine animals, of course.


Bangin' Bob

Bangin' Bob This is a very sophisticated look, isn't it? I think I like her with bangs. And hair no longer than shoulder-length.


Bangin' Shoulder Length 'do

Bangin' Shoulder Length 'do I stand by my previous sentence. While she has a pretty face that can pull off any 'do, I still like the shorter cut with side bangs. What do you think?



Brunette I am guessing this is courtesy of high-quality extensions but I was hoping that she would keep this look. With all her years of being blonde, going brunette sure was a refreshing change.


Shoulder Length

Shoulder Length I am liking this shade on her. The washed out almost-platinum shade was just a bit too much after a while.


Boy Style

Boy Style Whoa, what a way to go sexy and worldly. She also looks thinner. Is it the hair? The angle? The makeup? All of the above, I reckon.

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My vote goes to #6 too. #10 is pretty fab as well. And yes, Sylar was yummmy wasn't he? Wonder what's happening with the show now.

Hayden Panettiere is my age.. she's 20 years old. And she doesn't look her age anymore. And that's a pity. My fav. 'dos of her from this list? The big curls, the loose waves, and kinda the shoulder length

6,8,10 are the best. the rest are pretty boring. no?

i loved look #6 on her, and she looks great in pic # 9, n i think she looks good as a brunette ;)thx

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