Celebrity Fashion Face-off Who Rocked It Better?


Celebrity Fashion Face-off Who Rocked It Better?
Celebrity Fashion Face-off Who Rocked It Better?

Christmas is almost here and I'm sure most of you are as busy as a bee on a summer day but take a little breather and help us decide which celebrities wore it better. Six celebrities, three looks and you pick the winners. Go!

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Elle Fanning V/s Fan Bingbing

Elle Fanning V/s Fan Bingbing The adorable Elle Fanning wore this dreamy Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 dress to the 2011 Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards. There's little Elle can do wrong and while I love her au naturel look, non fussy hair and coral Chanel peep-toes, it does look like she's swimming a little in that dress. Fan wore her bubblegum pink dress to the press conference of her new movie, ‘My Way’. She added a red waistband, which I don't mind but I'm not a fan of those shoes. They're way too harsh for this look. Who to pick, who to pick. I think Fan wins this one for me.

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Emma Stone V/s Kimberly Perry

Emma Stone V/s Kimberly Perry My girl crush Emma wore this Bottega Veneta dress to the MTV Movie Awards earlier this year while Kimberly Perry wore hers to the AMAs last month. Firstly, I think the dress itself is fabulous and fun and while both look gorgeous, I can't help but think Emma rocks this better. I can't say much for the Bottega Veneta clutch since they both carried the exact same thing but Emma did wear this look first. I also prefer Emma's shoes and daintier waistband compared to Kimberly's gold and black sandals and obi-style belt. Yep, Emma definitely wins this one as far as I'm concerned. What do you think?
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Olivia Wilde V/s Jennifer Hudson

Olivia Wilde V/s Jennifer Hudson Olivia Wilde V/s Jennifer Hudson I remember gasping when I saw Olivia at the Golden Globe Awards and can you blame me? This Marchesa gown is just that amazing! I also remember looking at Olivia's shoes and thinking okay those are special but maybe a little OTT for this dress. Then Jennifer Hudson wore the same dress while taping the ‘Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade’ TV special at the Disneyland Resort. While Olivia stuck to straight sleek hair with blunt bangs, Jennifer played up the "princess factor" with curls and bright pink lips. Somehow I prefer Olivia's look despite the shoes (which would have been divine on the right dress). Your turn!

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To me, hair is part of any outfit. And in this occasion I love how Olivia's hair goes with the dress!

Jennifer Hudson was stunning.

I think the only reason some people put Olivia is because the names weren't in the correct order with the photos. Some people don't know who they are..

Jennifer Hudson all the way! I don't understand why people choose Oliva. Can anyone give me a reason for that? Yes, I do love the shoes, but I don't really think they go with that dress. (Just giving my two cents.) They look too harsh to go with the dress.

THEY'RE ALL PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CAN U BELIV IT????????????????????????

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