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Who Wants to Go Kranking?

By Maria

No, I’m not talking about the latest hip-hop and RnB dance move (although I have a feeling that you’ll very well be dancing when doing this new exercise routine). The Kranking workout, which is designed by Johnny G (the same person who established the Spinning indoor cycling program), is the latest craze in gyms across the country these days. Kranking, simply put, is “cycling for your arms.”


Now I do cycle so I can safely say that this is definitely something interesting. It’s not a new concept, in my opinion, though. There have been exercise gadgets that could do the same thing, really, but with Kranking, the gadgets are more “fun looking” and they’re curvier. Of course, not to mention the fact that the gadgets are designed to do only one thing and that’s to get you “Kranked” up!

This is basically how Kranking works: you “pedal” with your arms. You turn the two rotating handles separately or together while your legs remain still. That’s pretty much it. Sooner or later, you’ll feel a burning sensation on your arms. That means the muscles are working. You also have the option to move your hips, though, so as to also move the other parts of your body while you’re “pedaling.”

Given these, do you think you’d want to give Kranking a try? I personally would!

Photo credit: Don Petersen / Shape

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