Is Will Smith Really Gay?

By Mabelle

Blogging about celebrity news does have its perks because you can personally comment on whatever’s up with the lives of our million-dollar earning celebs. In the same vein, you can vehemently oppose whatever silly issue’s come up, like this one:

According to award winning journalist Ian Halperin of, a “Hollywood madame” **revealed that box office superstar **Will Smith ** has been her client for years – and he requested the **‘services’ of one of the guys.

She remembers the first time she ever spoke with Smith. “I had to reassure him over and over that I could guarantee discretion,” she said. “Once I convinced him I could, he placed his order. It was for a man. I had 14 women working for me and two guys. You’d be surprised at how many Hollywood stars requested the services of the guys.”

Apparently, this Hollywood madame does not have an idea about the meaning of discretion – so she just blabbered to the media and revealed who some of her A-list clients are.

Skeptics believe that the reason why Will Smith **suddenly got all chummy with **Tom Cruise **and **Katie Holmes is that the religion can put a halt to his supposed gayness.

I personally don’t (or maybe I just don’t want to) believe that Will Smith’s gay. Come on – that gorgeous, well-dressed hunk who’s been married to Jada Pinkett for 11 years can’t be gay, can he?

Photo Credit: Reader's Digest

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