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Is 'Sex and the City' the Movie as Satisfying as a Box of Chocolates

By Mabelle

It's time to say hello again to Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. Four years after the groundbreaking HBO series "Sex and the City" ended on the small screen, in comes the film version which I always assumed would be a continuing saga of shoes, clothes and of course - sex.

I was just reading this review of the movie from and I cannot wait to see the movie version on the big screen! My friends and I have reserved group tickets for the weekend's opening, and we'll definitely make a girl's night out of it. According to the review, the characters of the series have grown emotionally, in the sense that their priorities have changed - although they are no less glamorous. Shoes and clothes the fifth and sixth stars of the movie. But what I am looking forward to seeing for myself is the development of Carrie's relationship with Mr. Big, Miranda with her hubby Steve, Charlotte with Harry and Samantha - is she still with that hottie Smith Jerrod or has she moved on to another bed? I actually would not care if the plot of the movie seems a bit to soap-operatic. These are the characters that women of my generation have grown to love over the number of years that the series was shown on TV. I'm sure that SATC fans will find the film as satisfying as a box of chocolates - and after watching the boxed DVD series twice - for me, it all seems a bit anticlimactic.

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