How to Make Your Marriage Affair-Proof ...


How to Make Your Marriage Affair-Proof ...
How to Make Your Marriage Affair-Proof ...

We've all heard it before: horror stories of married couples breaking off their supposedly permanent relationships** **because one party had an affair.

What if you have been trying your best** **to make your marriage work? Is there really a foolproof way to ensure that you or your husband would not be having an affair?

Take a look at some of the tips that I gathered on how you can make your marriage affair-proof:
Nurture your own friendships, and allow him to have his.
You may be tagged as a couple when you get married, but you are still separate individuals with separate interests. If he can't live without golf or bi-weekly poker nights with the guys, let him do so. Similarly, keep your own circle of friends so that you can do the activities that you're sure he will never get into.

This way, you'll have more freedom to become separate individuals while harnessing your marriage at the same time.
Go on dates.
Even if you’re already married, go on dates as if you were still on the boyfriend-girlfriend phase. This is especially true if you have kids to take care of. Having some quality dates** **together will bring back the romance in your relationship.
Be with other happy couples.
It's much more tempting for you or your husband to stray if you hang out with singles who are still in the dating scene and who find the word commitment foreign. When you're with another happy couple** **– you'll have a deeper appreciation of the bond that you have as husband and wife.
If temptation is right in front of you – talk about your spouse.
I remember the movie "Knocked Up" where Katherine Heigl's sister in the movie was approached by a guy in a bar. She sort of blurted out that she's married – so it immediately killed off the guy's advances. Isn't that the best way to ward off a potential affair? Never pretend to be someone that you're not and you won't be tempted to try out other's flavors, so to speak.

It may be harder than it looks, but you do need to put a lot of work into making your marriage affair-proof. Just imagine how it will break your entire family's heart if things get bad because of an affair that's not even worth it in the first place.

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Awesome article with some great tips!!!

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