8 Little Known Ways to Make a Relationship Work ...


8 Little Known Ways to Make a Relationship Work ...
8 Little Known Ways to Make a Relationship Work ...

Sometimes relationships do not work out and that is just the way life is. However, if you believe that there is really something in your relationship and you know that you are not ready to let go because you know you are still in love, then there are 8 little known ways to make a relationship work. Sure, some of the ways I am about to tell you may seem obvious or simple, but that’s how they should be – you want easy tips and that is what I am going to give you.,

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Find Your Partner Again

Find Your Partner Again Photo Credit: billyhunt

Do you feel as if the two of you are drifting apart? I have never felt this feeling, only when I was in high school, but it wasn’t that bad because it was just a schoolyard relationship. I am glad I have never felt this with my husband, but if you are feeling it, then you need to find your partner again. Do the things you used to do when you first met.


Talk to Your Partner

Talk to Your Partner Photo Credit: Desideria

If you feel as if something is not right with your relationship, then sit down and talk with your partner. Explain to them what you are feeling. Tell them what changes you would like to make. Don’t be rude. Don’t pick on them and don’t be over powerful. Remember, you don’t control the other.


Write a Note

Write a Note Photo Credit: cattycamehome

To this day, I still like writing notes and leaving them where my husband can find them. Some may call it childish, but I call it sweet. I also write e-mails to him and talk to him on messenger, even though he is sitting right beside me on his computer. Strange? I call it romantic and there’s nothing wrong with it. Write a note to your partner explaining what you think is wrong. Writing a note will give you a chance to see yourself and to see if you are going too overboard with words.


Go on Dates

Do you remember back when you were dating? The two of you enjoyed some pretty cool dates, didn’t you? Sure, you may be married now, but that does not mean you cannot go on dates. Going on dates is a great way to reconnect with each other.


Show That You Care

Show That You Care Photo Credit: Andrew Jalali

The problem in the relationship may be that you or your partner is not showing that you care enough. It’s time to show your partner that you really do care. Do things that you know will make him or her happy. I would go out of my way for this one.


Call Them from Work

Call Them from Work Photo Credit: Tony Shi, NY-NJ

During your lunch break, if your partner's available and isn’t at work themselves, then call them from work. When my husband used to work outside of the home, I used to love when he called me from work. I always looked forward to hearing his voice during lunch.


Buy Gifts

Who said it had to be a birthday or special occasion to buy a gift? You can buy a gift if you want to. If it’s not a special occasion, then they will not be expecting the gift and it will be even more of a surprise!


Just Sleep on It

Just Sleep on It Photo Credit: jek in the box {is on a BIG road trip}

Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Well, sleeping isn’t exactly what I am saying! I am talking about another activity done in bed! Sometimes, maybe the sex life isn’t good and you need to do some things to boost it up! Not to get personal here, but it’s the truth.

Those are 8 Little Known Ways to Make a Relationship Work. If you’re having problems in your relationship, then surely, you should try these tips out. You never know, it might just work and you might put the missing pieces together! What about you? Are you having problems right now or did you find a way to get rid of problems in the past? Please share…

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