10 Ways to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work ...


10 Ways to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work ...
10 Ways to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work ...

You live in Chicago, he lives in New York. You’re graduating high school in June, he just went to college. You live in the States, he lives across the world in Japan. How do you keep the love alive with so many miles in between? I’ve done it, and it can work! And now, with these 10 ways, you can make your long distance relationship work too!

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Make a Kit

Before he leaves, make him a mailing kit with envelopes, stamps, postcards, address labels, and even cute stickers and a book of famous love poems and letters. That way, when he’s inspired, he can drop you a line without setting it aside because he doesn’t have a stamp.


Set Time Aside Every Day

Set time aside every day to call and say hello. The conversation doesn’t have to be long or involved. You just have to let him know you’re thinking of him. If he is in another country and calling him is just too expensive, meet online to chat even if it's just for a few minutes. With Skype and webcam, you will feel closer and more connected to him.


Set Time Aside Every Month

If possible, set aside one weekend every month to see each other. This will help you stay close and in tune with what’s going on in each other’s lives.


Set Time Side Every Four Months

Set time aside every four months to get away somewhereaway from home for both of you. Meet half-way, or meet somewhere far away for both of you, but spend time together that’s not on his home turf or yours.


Be Reasonable

Since you won’t be seeing as much of each other, don’t expect that nothing will change. It will, but that doesn’t mean it has to be negative. Accepting change and not getting into arguments every now and then but working together is one way to create a successful relationship.


Be Honest

If you’re feeling lonely, tempted, sad, or if you’re just missing him, tell him. The more you share with him honestly, the more he will trust you, and trust is key for ahealthy long-distance relationship.


Keep a Journal to Share

Keep an online or paper journal or diary for him. Make an entry every day, even if it’s not terribly long or detailed. If it’s online, post photos and links to things you enjoy.

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Send Care Packages

Every two or three weeks, mail him a care package with whatever he likes: magazine clippings, his favorite snacks, goofy little sketches you doodled, a book, photos of you together.


Keep in Touch with Family and Friends

If the two of you are miles apart, you’ll feel less distant if you keep in touch with his family and friends, just like you did before he left.


Know when to Let Go

This goes hand-in-hand with “be reasonable.” Even if he lived right next door to you, or in the same house as you, he’d need his own time and his own space. Expect that he will still need a night out with the boys, and don’t nag him when he goes.

My grandmother says “distance makes the heart grow fonder” and in many ways, I do believe her. It’s not always easy being in along distance relationship, especially this time of year, but it can be done, and it can be fun! How do you keep your man interested and happy when he’s in another postal code? What are your tips for staying close and in love? Please let me know!

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This article is pretty helpful. :) I'm only 14 years old and my boyfriend is turning 16. I live in Massachusetts and he lives in New Jersey, were kinda 200 miles away from each other and we've been going out for almost 7 months. We've only seen each other once and that was the most exciting day of my life so far. I know it's kinda hard to trust eachother when you're not around to see what he's doing or he's not around to see what you're doing but I've gained that trust. Some people say I'm stupid for dating a guy thats so far away from me or dating someone I rarely see cos he could be cheating on me or whatever but I know he doesn't do that, and some people just don't understand how I can have so much trust in someone I never see but I just ignore what ppl say loll.

I really like this boy i met on holiday, but he lives 11,682 miles away ( i googled) im 14 and he's 18...there are a lot of distances bewteen us but im so hung up on him that i dont care! Hes so sweet and funny and perfect, and i was quite certain he liked me too...im not really sure what to do, because a the end of the day i dont know how he feels and im worried id make a fool out of myself. Even if he did like me, is it worth it? A part of me says i should let himm go?

I have to be truthful! I don't like having a relationship from long distance! Although for some people I know it worked certainly it's not for me! I can't see myself separated for to long from my loved one. I'm the type of girl who always want to turn around and find him near, and to talk to him personaly and make my self feel good only by his precense! But thanks for those tips Jen! No one ever knows in what a situation on can find himself into, better always be prepered and helped with some useful tips! :)

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