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Even More Sex and the City Spoilers ...

By Wendy

By the time this movie finally comes out in the theaters, I will have seen and known pretty much everything I need to know.

Which doesn’t bother me ONE FREAKING LITTLE BIT!!!!!

Okay, so here are some more spoilers and pics from the set of Sex and the City: the Movie:

As millions of fans can attest, the path of true love never did run smooth for Sex And The City’s Carrie Bradshaw.

And those hoping the long-awaited big-screen version of the hit show might finally provide New York’s most famous singleton with her ‘happily-ever-after’ ending may well be disappointed.

As these pictures reveal, Carrie’s wedding to Mr Big, the love of her life, looks set to end in an undignified public scrap. Carrie gets out the car and storms towards Mr Big

Standing in her designer wedding finery outside New York’s Public Library, screaming in tearful fury, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character attacks Big with her bouquet as bridesmaid Miranda tries to restrain her.

But while it looks like Big, played by Chris Noth, 52, has let Carrie down again, the nuptials could still go off without a hitch.
According to sources in the US, producers have shot two endings

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