Sex 2.0 - Already Have Online Sex Calendar?

Apparently, we live in a much too “web 2.0 world” that we need just about every handy organizer possible. We need an organizer for our files, for our schedules, for our daily meals. Well, what about a web organizer for our sex-capades? Enter: Bedpost. It’s your digital, online sex calendar that will, in the words of the founder, “give you some insight into your sex life.” So what’s next, online orgasm calendar?

This is really total crap, if you ask me. Not only has it ridiculed the sex act as a mere thing that needs to get logged, timed and documented every time you do it, Bedpost has managed to encourage people to sleep around and to “score” sex partners. Bedpost will also be a grim reminder to people who haven’t had active sex lives that they have been having too many “dried up, drought” days. Come on, leave sex in between covers and within the four corners of the bedroom, will you?

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