How to Spruce up Your Lagging Sex Life ...

By Mabelle

How to Spruce up Your Lagging Sex Life ...

It's fortunate that men have Viagra to save the day in case their 'equipment' refuses to work. But what about women? For those of us who have a less-than-hot sex life, we always seem to find excuses not to go to bed with our significant others. compiles the reasons behind a flagging sexual drive, as well as tips on how they can be handled. Here's a brief look into some of them:

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You're Too Tired

Whether it's work issues, lack of sleep, the arrival of a new baby or just a lousy day at home - being too tired is one of the most overly used excuse for not having sex. It’s important to make time for it, and compromising with your husband or partner. Doing the nasty after exercise is also a great idea - you won't be able to sleep anyway because of all that excess energy.


You're Bored

If things get too much of a routine in bed - try reading some sex guide books or go into fantasy mode. Go dirty talking or relive the day when you first got together. A little variety in your bedroom habits is a must to revive that fire that you used to have when you first got together.


You're in Pain

The experts recommend lubrication, using an estrogen cream, switching to another contraceptive and visiting a specialist if you are experiencing pain during sex.

Knowing exactly what the problem is will help you find the exact solution to revive your flagging sexual desire.

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I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 months and we have had sex 3 times (i lost my virginity to him) and it still hurts me a lot! He feels bad because its obvious im in pain and its hard for me to get in the mood or really move when we are doing it because im just waiting for it to end. When will it stop hurting because i just dont want to do it anymore!!