A Wife's Birthday Gift to Her Husband: 365 Days of Sex!

Those who have been married **for more than a couple of years can relate to this: it’s quite difficult to actually find the time to **make love to your husband.

This is especially true if you have a big house and kids. In between PTA meetings, soccer games, your work, visiting your in-laws and all the other nitty-gritty of the household chores that you have to do, how can you possibly find time to have sex?

You can probably take a cue from Charla Muller. The name of her husband is Brad, and for his 40th birthday, she decided to give him an unusual gift - she’s going to have sex **with him, every day, for one year. Charla thought that the **‘gift’ **was original, **intimate **and **memorable.

Her husband Brad did not think so - not at first, at least. For men who are in their mid-20’s, promising him 365 days of sex may have them jumping for joy, but for a 40-year-old husband? The idea seemed a bit unrealistic. That’s why to Charla’s horror, Brad declined the offer!!!!!!

It was only when Charla finally convinced Brad that the offer **was **genuine **did he finally relent. Over the course of the year, she found out that her usual **let’s-not-have-sex attitude before made her hubby feel rejected.

Amidst the juggling, scheduling and (gasp!) multi-tasking while having sex **-which Brad was having none of - the couple has managed to stick to their plan of **every-day-sex-in-one-year. And discovered a lot about each other during the process.

So what’s Charla’s advice for those who feel that they’re not having enough sex?

When my girlfriends ask if it's **healthy **to do it once a week, three times a week or whatever, I just tell them to do it twice as often as they are doing it at the moment.

Their **husbands **will love them for it, and they might just find that they **love **themselves that little bit more, too. If they let themselves.

Daily Mail
Now that’s probably the soundest advice I’ve had in years!
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