50 Sexiest Hollywood Movie Scenes ...


50 Sexiest Hollywood Movie Scenes ...
50 Sexiest Hollywood Movie Scenes ...

The sexiest Hollywood movie scenes can be romantic, intimate, sensual, steamy, or outright sexual. Movies have their fair share of sexy, scintillating scenes but only a few are good enough to be termed the hottest, sexiest scenes ever. I'm here with my pick of the scenes that literally left us breathless and wanting more, some because of the story, some because of the raw passion and some because of the actors themselves. Whatever the reason, these are the sexiest Hollywood movie scenes of all time!

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Spider-man: the Upside-down Kiss

The Couple: Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst
The Scene: Lots of the sexiest Hollywood movie scenes don't necessarily involve any sex at all. Like this – it was the kiss heard 'round the world. Soaking wet, Mary Jane decides to give Spidey a proper thank-you while he's hanging upside down. Who knew that a backwards kiss would be so hot?

What's So Sexy about It: Okay, so the way Kirsten practically eats Tobey's face isn't all that sexy, but the anonymity and Tobey's response are both sexilicious enough to carry the scene!


This iconic smooch from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man (2002) goes beyond your standard movie romance. Drenched from the rain, Mary Jane unveils Spidey’s mask just enough to lock lips in an alley. It’s bold and intimate, defying gravity and normalcy - a passionate moment suspended in time and rain droplets. Here, Peter Parker's secret identity adds an extra layer of excitement, a dash of danger, and a sprinkle of forbidden desire. It’s this kind of creativity that reminds us why sometimes the most thrilling connections are the ones we least expect.


Poison Ivy: the Car Hookup

The Couple: Drew Barrymore and Tom Skerritt
The Scene: This scene, which involves Ivy completing her seduction of her best friend's father, Darrel, on a rainy day on the roof of a car, is one of the steamiest and creepiest in the entire film. Drew Barrymore wasn't quite an ingenue at this point in her career, and as evil seductress Ivy, she definitely knew what she was doing.

What's So Sexy about It: The fact that it's so forbidden makes this scene sexy – and a little skeevy, to be perfectly honest, except you can see how torn Darrel is even at this point in his infatuation.


The raw intensity Drew exudes is palpable, drawing the audience into the tumult of emotions that Darrel experiences. The lashes of rain, the cold metal of the car, and the gray backdrop set a scene that's as erotic as it is distressing. It's a cinematic moment that toys with the boundaries of desire, showcasing Barrymore's ability to deliver a performance that's both enchanting and disturbing. You can't help but feel both the allure and the danger as Ivy wraps Darrel up in her web of seduction—a perfect storm that's hard to look away from.


History of Violence: the Staircase Scene

The Couple: Viggo Mortensen and Maria Bello
The Scene: Murder is evidently an aphrodisiac, at least as far as Edie, played by Bello, is concerned. When she finds out that, once upon a time, her husband Tom was a killer, she is very, very turned on. She is so overcome, in fact, that she shows him just what she thinks of his past right there on the staircase.

What's So Sexy about It: In movies, what would be awkward and uncomfortable in real life is often made very, very hot. In this case, Tom and Edie's haste, their passion, and the fact that they can't even make it all the way up the stairs is just sexy.


The raw, heated moment transcends their everyday lives, ripping through the facade of suburban normalcy. Viggo Mortensen effortlessly embodies a man whose dangerous past collides with his sedate present, while Maria Bello's portrayal of a woman whose attraction is fueled by the revelation of that hidden violence is compelling. Their chemistry is palpable, drawing the viewer into a vortex of forbidden desire. The staircase, an ordinary household feature, becomes the stage for an extraordinary exchange of power and passion, a metaphor for their tumultuous relationship that is both complex and irresistibly enticing.


Original Sin: Bedded Bliss

The Couple: Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas
The Scene: Julia (Jolie) is an American bride, requested by Luis (Banderas). Their relationship is fraught with lies, deceptions, and dangers, but there are many instances – like this scene – which suggests that Julia may truly love Luis … or else she's just very, very good at faking it.

What's So Sexy about It: Angelina Jolie, as a matter of fact! And Antonio's not bad either, plus there's a lot of chemistry between these two beautiful creatures.


Incendiary: Extramarital Affair

The Couple: Ewan McGregor and Michelle Williams
The Scene: A Young Mother (Williams – and that's all she goes by) has an affair with a reporter named Jasper (McGregor) in the middle of the day, right on the couch, full monty and all. It just so happens that while they're copulating, her husband and her son, among many, many others, fatally die in a terrorist bombing.

What's So Sexy about It: It's forbidden, for one thing, and it's seriously down and dirty for another. What's poignant is the fact that the fatality happens right at the most climactic moment, if you will.


My Beautiful Laundrette: Laundrette Love

The Couple: Daniel Day-Lewis and Gordon Warnecke
The Scene: This film is groundbreaking for a number of reasons – it came out in the 1980s, for one, and focused not only on a gay romance but also on the plight of Pakistani people living in London at the time. The scene between Omar (Warnecke) and Johnny (Day-Lewis) takes place in the back of their laundrette, the implication being that they're picking up where they left off in the past.

What's So Sexy about It: For one thing, the affair is clandestine – in fact, they almost get caught. As if that's not enough, their shared, champagne flavored kiss and the act of simply removing a shirt while letting a tie remain … rawr!


Sex and Lucia: Striptease

The Couple: Paz Vega and Tristan Ulloa
The Scene: Voyeurism and exhibitionism can be very hot, and this particular scene reveals exactly why. Lucia gives a very saucy, sensual striptease, which honestly puts other movie stripteases to shame. I mean, this made me wonder why I don't do this every day, it was so well done!

What's So Sexy about It: Paz Vega just really, really knows how to move. Her strip is like a dance, it shows exactly how you can be sensual and sexy at the same time.



In this scene from the film Sex and Lucia, Paz Vega and Tristan Ulloa portray a couple exploring the boundaries of their sexuality through voyeurism and exhibitionism. The striptease performed by Vega is not only visually stunning, but also incredibly sensual and seductive. It showcases her talent for movement and highlights the power of female sexuality. This scene has become iconic for its portrayal of a woman confidently expressing her desires and embracing her sensuality. It has been praised by critics for its artistic and tasteful depiction of eroticism, making it a standout moment in the film and in Hollywood's history of sexy movie scenes.


Ghost: the Pottery Scene

The Couple: Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore
The Scene: In a flashback, Molly is making a vase at her pottery wheel and Sam, very much alive, comes up, sits down beside her, and begins to … “help,” in the messiest, most sensual way possible. It proves, again, that not all of the sexiest Hollywood movie scenes have to contain any sex at all, at least not in an in-your-face kind of way.

What's So Sexy about It: It's definitely the sensuality, the fact that they reveal more passion with their entwined fingers than most actors do with a half-naked kiss.


Revolutionary Road: Kitchen Passion

The Couple: Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet
The Scene: This is a really multifaceted sex scene. It's angry but Frank and April are kind of making up; it's passionate, and yet by now the ambivalence between the couple is becoming more and more apparent. You can see it all here, so it's both hot and rather heart wrenching.

What's So Sexy about It: Without question, the chemistry between Leo and Kate makes this scene steamy. The magic they had in Titanic is definitely still there.


The End of the Affair: in the Nick of Time

The Couple: Ralph Fiennes and Julianne Moore
The Scene: There's nothing like a little extramarital nookie, you know? The way Sarah (Moore) and Maurice (Fiennes) run back to her house, clutching and clawing at each other, is the perfect example of clandestine passion that burns hot and fast and then dies down, inevitably. But, in this movie and many others, it's smoldering while it lasts.

What's So Sexy about It: These two are having sex under serious duress. Not only is it forbidden, but it's risky – and as the movie goes on, it gets riskier.


From Here to Eternity: the Beach Scene

The Couple: Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster
The Scene: Sexiness, in the 1950s? You betcha! This passionate beach kiss between Karen and Milton occurs with both of them fully clothed, it doesn't lead into anything else (seen on screen anyway), and it's still one of the sexiest scenes you'll ever see in a movie. This is true passion and subtlety, and you can't beat that.

What's So Sexy about It: Again, it's the subtlety, not to mention the obvious chemistry between Burt and Deborah. Plus, beach scenes are always hot, don't you think?


Dirty Dancing: the Living Room Dance

The Couple: Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey
The Scene: Johnny and Baby had chemistry from the moment they saw each other. The first half of the movie is like an extended spate of foreplay. Things come to a head when Baby visits Johnny at his cabin and they begin dancing in the living room – that dance soon leads to one of the horizontal variety, but frankly it's the beginning that leaves audiences panting for breath.

What's So Sexy about It: The fact that they begin making love with that sensual but sweet slow dance emphasizes just how awesome subtle sexuality really is.


Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1: the Honeymoon Scene

The Couple: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
The Scene: The big day has finally arrived: Edward and Bella get married! Woo hoo! And after the marriage comes the honeymoon, of course. Even then, out of his love for Bella and his fear of hurting her, Edward tries to resist consummating their marriage – but the temptation is just a bit too much, which unquestionably leads to a scene that had Twilight-fans all over the world squeeing in their cinema seats.

What's So Sexy about It: No doubt, the anticipation made it sexy, and the obvious love and passion that exists between the lion and the lamb.


Blue Valentine: That One Scene

The Couple: Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams
The Scene: This is not only considered one of the sexiest Hollywood movie scenes, it's also one of the most controversial. Historically, oral sex is pretty absent in movies – at least, in movies made in the United States. Who would have thought that a simple scene where Dean gives Cindy, ahem, that kind of pleasure – quite understandably, since that is a part of many sexual relationships – would cause such an uproar?

What's So Sexy about It: It's unconventional, rarely seen, and thus unique, but this scene was also passionate, quite realistic, and just generally steamy – probably in part because it did cause such a fury! Plus, Ryan Gosling. The end.


Brokeback Mountain: the Reunion

The Couple: Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal
The Scene: There are a lot of sexy scenes in this movie, including the tent scene that started it all, but there's an even sexier, more intimate scene in this groundbreaking film about these two gorgeous cowboys. When Jack and Ennis reunite after four long years, they come together with a smoldering passion that practically ignites the screen. This is sweeter than the tent scene, more powerful and passionate, and reveals a lot about the nature of Jack and Ennis's feelings for each other.

What's So Sexy about It: The way Ennis makes sure they're completely alone before shoving Jack right against the wall and kissing him breathless – that's what's sexy about this scene. It never ends – not even with stupid Alma spying. Stupid, stupid Alma.


The Postman Always Rings Twice: the Kitchen Table

The Couple: Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange
The Scene: Jack Nicholson in one of the sexiest movie scenes ever? Seriously? Oh yes. He plays a drifter named Frank who brings pretty Cora Smith a delivery of sorts – right on her kitchen table, as a matter of fact.

What's So Sexy about It: What's not sexy about this scene? In addition to the roughness, the complete release of pent-up passions, it has to be the moment when Cora pushes all the dishes and everything off her table and challenges Frank to bring it.


Cruel Intentions: the First Time

The Couple: Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon
The Scene: There are a number of sexy scenes in this movie as well, but rather than the steamy moments between Sebastian and Kathryn, it's the sweet, sensual scene between Sebastian and Annette that really moves most audiences – myself included! Set against a really lovely soundtrack, the two consummate their love for each other in a sincere, tender way that's both hot and sweet enough to bring a tear to the eyes. It's really no wonder Ryan and Reese fell in love while making this movie!

What's So Sexy about It: Again, it's the sensual aspect of their lovemaking, the passion and the tenderness, that combine to make this scene so very sexy.


Leaving Las Vegas: the Bedroom Scene

The Couple: Nicolas Cage and Elizabeth Shue
The Scene: Cage plays Ben Sanderson, a serious alcoholic, who's hanging out with hooker/lover Sera, played by Shue. The two have a lot of raunchy and romantic scenes in this movie, but I love the dichotomy of their first encounter. It starts out pretty obscene, sure, but to me the intimacy after the fact is the sexiest part.

What's So Sexy about It: There's just something hot about a man so bent on self destruction.


The Graduate: Mrs. Robinson's Seduction

The Couple: Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman
The Scene: This scene is all about subtlety – in fact, this entire film is all about subtlety. Benjamin is involved in a very serious little triangle with his girlfriend … and his girlfriend's mother, Mrs. Robinson. When she invites young Benjamin into her room, it gives birth to one of the most iconic lines in all of cinema history – but yes, Mrs. Robinson ultimate is trying to seduce him!

What's So Sexy about It: As a matter of fact, it's the subtlety that makes this a wonderfully sexy movie scene. The extension of Anne Bancroft's long, lithe, shapely leg pretty much says it all. She was a cougar before it was cool.


To Have and Have Not: the Whistle

The Couple: Humphrey Bogart and Laurn Bacall
The Scene: You might not think that a black and white film shot in the 1940s could inspire one of the sexiest Hollywood movie scenes ever … but you'd be wrong. There's not even any sex involved, but thanks to the chemistry between real life lovers Bacall, as Slim, and Bogie, as Steve, there doesn't need to be any sex. Slim just lets Steve know how to get in touch with her, in one of the most iconic moments in cinema.

What's So Sexy about It: “You know how to whistle, don't you? You just put your lips together and … blow.” That pretty much says it all but, again, the on screen chemistry between Humphrey and Lauren certainly helped.


Bull Durham: What Crash Believes in

The Couple: Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon
The Scene: Crash Davis and Annie Savoy are having a little discussion, with baseball player Crash pouring out his heart to groupie Annie. In many ways, this rough but tender athlete manages to describe a lot of women's fantasies while describing all the things in which he believes.

What's So Sexy about It: The sex appeal of this scene comes from one particular line: “I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days.” Mmm...


The Hunger: Drinking Blood

The Couple: Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve
The Scene: This is what vampire romances are all about! It's amazing, too, that there was such a positive, really well done girl-on-girl scene so early in the 1980s. Deneuve plays Miriam Blaylock, a vampire, who sets out to have her way with ingenue Sarah in a scene that combines great music (well, it calls to mind airplanes these days), gorgeous cinematography, and a passion that is both heated and tender.

What's So Sexy about It: The sexiest part of this scene is unquestionably when Miriam begins nipping and biting at Sarah before ultimately taking her blood. Wow!


Breathless: the Swimming Pool

The Couple: Richard Gere and Valerie Kaprinsky
The Scene: This one is further proof that even back in the early '80s, when guidelines were stricter, things could get very sexy. Gere plays Jesse to Kaprinsky's Monica. The two have a tumultuous relationship, and the film actual has a lot of actual sex scenes, but this rather sensual scene in the pool tops them all.

What's So Sexy about It: One important thing makes this one of the sexiest Hollywood movie scenes – it doesn't have any real sex, you just get to see Richard Gere doing what he does best as the leading man.


Henry and June: Stalking Sex

The Couple: Maria de Medeiros and Uma Thurman
The Scene: There are a lot of steamy scenes in this film about the triangle between Anais Nin, Henry Miller, and June Miller, but it's the way Anais seeks out June and relentlessly pursues her that really stands out. This movie is gorgeous anyway, but this scene is beautifully done from start to finish.

What's So Sexy about It: Like say, there aren't a lot of gay or lesbian love scenes even today, so it's wonderful to see something both passionate and intimate. Plus, who wouldn't want to be stalked down by a genius like Anais Nin?


Risky Business: the Subway Scene

The Couple: Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay
The Scene: Speaking of Tom Cruise, once upon a time, he was sexy rather than crazy. As hot young Joel in Risky Business, he definitely had his moments. In this particular scene, Joel and Lana have a little celebration of their own, since their evening has been so completely successful. They just happen to do it in a subway car.

What's So Sexy about It: Once again, there's just something hot about public sex, and for a 1980s movie, this captured that gritty, raw sensuality very well.


Body Heat: Break-in Sex

The Couple: William Hurt and Kathleen Turner
The Scene: This movie definitely has the right name – it's full of body heat! That Florida humidity can make you do crazy things – like have an affair with a husky voiced hottie right in the house (and the bed) she shares with her husband. The chemistry between Ned and Matty is dark and complicated and all kinds of steamy.

What's So Sexy about It: It's actually Matty's strength that makes this scene so sexy. She relaxes back in the cut and lets Ned seduce her, but at the same time you can tell she's fully in charge, and that's hot.


Get Carter: Phone Sex

The Couple: Michael Caine and Britt Ekland
The Scene: Michael Caine was a sexy, sexy man back in the day, and he proves it in the original Get Carter (which, incidentally, is an awesome movie all around). He plays Jack Carter, who's hanging out in Newcastle while his lover Anna is back in London. He gets to missing her and gives her a ring, and the rest is movie history...

What's So Sexy about It: Frankly, there's not enough phone sex in movies, don't you think? It's a combination of that ingenuity, Michael Caine's accident, the sight of the gorgeous Britt rolling around on the bed, and the descriptions they both use that make this scene so sexy.


Chloe: the Seduction

The Couple: Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore
The Scene: Catherine, played by Moore, hires beautiful escort Chloe to see whether or not her husband can be faithful. He can't, as a matter of fact, but in this scene Catherine learns just how easy it is to cave to Chloe's seductive wiles. It leads to one of the sexiest Hollywood movie scenes I've ever seen; it happens to be one of the most beautifully done as well.

What's So Sexy about It: Even though it's only a kiss, it's an incredibly steamy, sensual kiss, especially since Moore's character is clearly incredibly vulnerable and open to any kind of affection.


The Name of the Rose: the Language of Forbidden Love

The Couple: Christian Slater and Valentina Vargas
The Scene: Back in the late 1980s and the early 1990s, Christian Slater was a real heartthrob, and this particular scene makes it easy to see why. As Adso of Melk, a young monk, he breathlessly, shamelessly throws his vows to the wayside in order to be with The Girl, a peasant with no name who can't speak. Because of that and because of its forbidden nature, the intimacy between them is incredibly intense.

What's So Sexy about It: Anything forbidden is sexy, but the fact that The Girl can't talk and only moans, groans, and whimpers her way through their ecstatic, passionate coupling lends some serious sex appeal to this scene as well.


I Am Love: Sex in the Field

The Couple: Tilda Swinton and Edoardo Gabbriellini
The Scene: This scene between Emma and Antonio is amazingly beautiful as well as passionate. This is actually a highly stunning, visually amazing movie, but this particular scene is so artistically rendered that it makes everyone who sees it want to make love in a field full of flowers.

What's So Sexy about It: Again, it's actually the artistic cinematography that makes this one so amazing. The close-ups of the camera and the cut-to scenes just add to its beauty.


The American: the Brothel Scene

The Couple: George Clooney and Violante Placido
The Scene: Although Jack (Clooney) is in a relationship and although Clara (Placido) is a prostitute, the two manage to form a relationship that has nothing to do with her occupation, and it all begins here in the midst of his seemingly final job.
What's So Sexy about It: The George Clooney part, without question!


Boys Don't Cry: Front Seat Sex

The Couple: Hilary Swank and Chloe Sevigny
The Scene: This is one of the most powerful films I've ever seen, and it brought the plight and reality of transsexual and transgender individuals. Living as Brandon Teena, played brilliantly by Swank, the main character begins dating Lana, played by Sevigny. The relationship is surprisingly sweet and tender in spite of Brandon's secrets, and the climactic scene in the car is fervently passionate as a result.

What's So Sexy about It: Brandon is focused solely on giving Lana pleasure, not just because of what he's hiding about his gender but also because he genuinely loves her and wants to pleasure her – and from the sounds and sight of it, that definitely worked.


Betty Blue: the Opening Scene

The Couple: Beatrice Dalle and Jean-Hughes Anglade
The Scene: Jorg and Betty don't know each other. In fact, they just met. They met, and then they went at it like bunnies. This scene actually opens the movie and it was shot in one take, which no doubt leads to the frantic, frenetic energy that dominates the act. The fact that they're both panting and covered with sweat after climax doesn't hurt, either.

What's So Sexy about It: Honestly, sometimes the idea of stranger sex is the hottest thing ever – especially when it's not real life.


Bound: Girl Love

The Couple: Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly
The Scene: A lot of the sexiest Hollywood movie scenes involve girl-on-girl intimacy, and that's awesome, especially when it's well done and, frankly, beautiful! Gina Gershon really is good as a character actor, and in this film, her scenes with Jennifer Tilly are amazingly erotic.

What's So Sexy about It: It's just simultaneously intensely passionate and somehow sweet – and it doesn't hurt that both Gina and Jennifer are ridiculously gorgeous.


Mulholland Dr.: Lesbian Love

The Couple: Naomi Watts and Laura Harring
The Scene: When you have amnesia, every time is the first time, even if it's not. Rita (Harring) and Betty (Watts) are in bed together, and they start exploring. Asked if she's ever done anything like this before, Rita responds that she doesn't remember – but she and Betty are keen to experiment together.

What's So Sexy about It: The fact that this scene is both passionate and tender makes it one of the sexiest Hollywood movie scenes in my book. From the first tentative kisses to the climax, it sizzles.


Titanic: Making Love in the Car

The Couple: Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet
The Scene: This was just such a wonderful movie overall and part of what made it so beautiful was the chemistry between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. I'm sure everyone remembers this lovemaking scene in the car that made foggy windows almost iconic. I love how Rose tells Jack to take her "to the stars" and that's exactly what he does. *Ahem*

What's So Sexy about It: The genuine sweetness that the two share and of course, car sex is just so much sexier than regular sex.


Out of Sight: Sexual Tension

The Couple: George Clooney and J.Lo
The Scene: To start off with, there's the whole he's the bad guy, she's a U.S Marshal factor which immediately puts this in the category of forbidden love ... or should I say lust. Then there's the scene itself where the two are locked in a car trunk and you can almost feel the intense sexual tension through the screen. It's not easy to make it on this list when you're fully clothed and yet, somehow, here they are!

What's So Sexy about It: The fact that they are locked up in a car trunk and yet you can feel their growing attraction for each other.


Match Point: Passion in the Rain

The Couple: Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Meyers
The Scene: Chris (Jonathan) doesn't exactly hide his growing attraction for Nola Rice (Scarlett) and all that hidden tension culminates into an explosive scene when the two finally ravage each other in the grass on a rainy day in the middle of nowhere.

What's So Sexy about It: Any scene with Scarlett automatically becomes sexier but once again, it's the allure of the forbidden with the rain. A little cheesy but still very sexy!


Y Tu Mamá También: the Threesome

The Couple: Well in this case, the trio would be Gael García Bernal (Yum!), Diego Luna and Maribel Verdu.

The Scene: In this Mexican film, two 17 year old boys are on a road trip with an older, sexier woman who takes it upon herself to improve their skills in the bedroom on one tequila filled night by the beach. She seduces them with a dance, lures them back to their cabin and proceeds to become part of one of the sexiest Hollywood movie scenes ever!

What's So Sexy about It: One sexy as hell woman teaching two boys how to do it right. Enough said.


Desperado: Candlelight Romance

The Couple: Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas
The Scene: Firstly, any scene, naked or not with these two will invariable be sexy. Of course all those candles, the believable raw passion, Banderas' long hair and Salma's perfect Greek goddess breasts take the sexy up a notch or two.

What's So Sexy about It: Even my writer brain can't think of a reason for this one. Some things are sexy just because.


Love and Other Drugs: Any Scene!

The Couple: Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway
The Scene: After watching this movie, somehow I felt like I had seen Anne's breasts more times than I have ever seen my own and then there was Jake. Mmm. Anyway, if this were just about Jake, I would have picked a scene with his adorable bottom but it's about both of them and so I'm going to have to go with this down and dirty kitchen scene. You'll catch a glimpse in the video above.
What's So Sexy about It: Tell me you wouldn't want to be in Anne's place!


Unfaithful: Bathroom Sex

The Couple: Olivier Martinez and Diane Lane
The Scene: Of course this movie has plenty of temperature raising scenes that could make it on the list of the sexiest Hollywood movie scenes but my personal favorite is the one where Connie aka Diane is lunching with her friends when Paul Martel aka Olivier shows up only to indulge in a passionate quickie in the bathroom stall. Connie briefly protests by saying "I have friends out there" but that only makes Paul push her up against the creaky door. Oo la la!

What's so Sexy About it: Isn't the forbidden fruit always sexy? Especially when it is as hot as Olivier Martinez?


Secretary: the Grass Bed

The Couple: Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader
The Scene: Don't get me wrong. The entire movie was pretty scintillating but after the heavy S&M tone throughout the movie, this particular scene almost makes you go aww. Edward Grey (James) finally admits her love for his secretary Lee Holloway (Maggie), bathes her in his tub and then makes slow, sweet love to her on a grass covered bed. Aww.

What's So Sexy about It: How it is such a contradicting yet befitting end to their story. Also, I've always found the idea of a man bathing a woman very sexy.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Guns and Sex

The Couple: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
The Scene: We have all had love-hate relationships but this one was another level altogether what with them trying to kill each other, all guns blazing (literally). I dont know if a murderous rampage is usually followed by such violent, raunchy sex but I ain't complaining.

What's So Sexy about It: Is it just me or did the destruction make for a very sexy backdrop.


Wild Things: the Threesome Scene

The Couple: The steamy trio Denise Richards, Neve Campbell and Matt Dillon
The Scene: It's difficult to pick just one scene from this movie but I'm going to be predictable and pick the iconic threesome scene... just because. Two gorgeous women and one very hot Matt Dillon = one of the sexiest Hollywood movie scenes of all time

What's So Sexy about It: The fact that it was what it was: brave and ahead of its time.


Monster's Ball: Making Halle Feel Good

The Couple: Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton
The Scene: Two hurting souls, Leticia Musgrove (Halle Berry) and Hank Grotowski (Billy Bob Thornton) find a purely carnal way to deal with their pain. The first time I heard her moan "Make me feel good" and watched the scene, I was speechless. It was so crude and real that I just couldn't look away and that's exactly why it is one of the sexiest Hollywood Movie Scenes.

What's So Sexy about It: The way they just get right down to "business", violent ripping of clothes et al.


The Notebook: the Reunion Kiss

The Couple: Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling
The Scene: These two are one of my favorite real-life couples (too bad that didn't work out) and definitely one of my favorite onscreen couples of all time. That award winning kiss after the beautiful boat ride in the rain, the way he pushes her up against the wall, carries her up the stairs and into bed...ah!

What's So Sexy about It: When long lost lovers have an explosive reunion like that, you can't help but love it!


9½ Weeks: the Alley Scene

The Couple: Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger
The Scene: Of course being an erotic drama film, this movie had plenty of really, really hot scenes: John (Mickey) running a piece of ice all over Elizabeth's (Kim) body, feeding her all sorts of food when her eyes are closed, her strip-tease and finally, my favorite: hot, passionate sex in a rainy alley. I've always been a sucker for "I hope we don't get caught" sex.

What's So Sexy about It: That the two want each other so much that even a dark little alley will work just fine!


Black Swan: Sapphic Desires

The Couple: Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis
The Scene: I was one of those few people who did not think this movie deserved the kind of praise it got but I will admit that both Natalie and Mila were brilliant in their roles, especially in this shockingly sexy scene where after a wild night of partying induced by Ecstasy and alcohol, Nina (Natalie) and Lily (Mila) end up at Nina's apartment where things start off with a passionate kiss and end...with an orgasm!

What's So Sexy about It: Women are just so much more beautiful to look at than men and even with the little glimpses of creepy Nina, you've got to admit that this scene is pretty much up there in the list of sexiest movie scenes.


Basic Instinct: That Iconic Scene

The Couple: Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone
The Scene: Of course there is the whole cop-murder suspect angle. Add to that Catherine Tramell's (Sharon) effortless seduction against which Detective Nick Curran (Douglas) is powerless, the conveniently placed mirror, the slight bondage and the flaring chemistry and you have one of the sexiest Hollywood movie scenes of all time.

What's so sexy about It: It's the kind of scene that makes you wonder, how can sex like that not be real!

Phew! Now tell me those weren't some of the Sexiest Hollywood Movie Scenes to have ever graced the silver screen. But considering, what a treasure of fiery scenes Hollywood is, I'm sure I have left some worthy scenes out. Go ahead, tell me what your favorite, sexiest Hollywood movie scenes are.

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very nice


I like Viggo Mortensen more than any of them....

I love titanic. Its so touching movie....

o hoooo

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