50 Sexiest Hollywood Movie Scenes ...

The sexiest Hollywood movie scenes can be romantic, intimate, sensual, steamy, or outright sexual. Movies have their fair share of sexy, scintillating scenes but only a few are good enough to be termed the hottest, sexiest scenes ever. I'm here with my pick of the scenes that literally left us breathless and wanting more, some because of the story, some because of the raw passion and some because of the actors themselves. Whatever the reason, these are the sexiest Hollywood movie scenes of all time!

1. Spider-man: the Upside-down Kiss

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The Couple: Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst
The Scene: Lots of the sexiest Hollywood movie scenes don't necessarily involve any sex at all. Like this – it was the kiss heard 'round the world. Soaking wet, Mary Jane decides to give Spidey a proper thank-you while he's hanging upside down. Who knew that a backwards kiss would be so hot?

What's So Sexy about It: Okay, so the way Kirsten practically eats Tobey's face isn't all that sexy, but the anonymity and Tobey's response are both sexilicious enough to carry the scene!

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