21 Sexiest Movie Love Scenes ...

Sexy Movie Love Scenes - that's what makes the crowds in the movies sit in complete silence with everyone's eyes fixed on the screen - and there is no wonder! How can you not react to a sexy movie love scene between two actors that simply make you feel what the characters feel? I mean, we've all been there: you are watching a movie and then: "Wham!"... A sexy movie love scene comes on and you are totally wrapped up in it - and, dare I say, wishing it were you! A sexy love scene is something that can make any movie worth watching and today I am proud to present this complete list of the 16 Sexiest Movie Love Scenes of all time you will immensely enjoy, as these are the sexiest scenes Hollywood ever made. So, prepare yourself for some serious hotness, and get ready to see once again, or perhaps, to see for the first time, the Sexiest Movie Love Scenes Ever!


1. the Way We Were (1973)

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The Way We Were is one of the most iconic romantic movies ever filmed, known even by those who have never seen it. It really made Robert Redford a sex symbol, and cemented Babs' popularity as an actress as well as a singer. In addition to that, it has one of the sexiest movie love scenes you could ever hope to see.

Even the trailer for the film, which you can see here, goes a long way toward showing just how much chemistry there was between the two stars. You can already see the sparks fly off the screen.

Cast: Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford.
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: The sexy scene in question first features Katie and Hubbell dancing. Hubbell cuts in and the two slow dance, staring into one another's eyes as the scene fades to the big bedroom climax.

What's So Sexy about It: Without question, it's the tenderness and intense passion that makes this scene so incredibly sexy. It's not one of today's Hollywood love scenes, that's for sure!

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