21 Sexiest Movie Love Scenes ...


21 Sexiest Movie Love Scenes ...
21 Sexiest Movie Love Scenes ...

Sexy Movie Love Scenes - that's what makes the crowds in the movies sit in complete silence with everyone's eyes fixed on the screen - and there is no wonder! How can you not react to a sexy movie love scene between two actors that simply make you feel what the characters feel? I mean, we've all been there: you are watching a movie and then: "Wham!"... A sexy movie love scene comes on and you are totally wrapped up in it - and, dare I say, wishing it were you! A sexy love scene is something that can make any movie worth watching and today I am proud to present this complete list of the 16 Sexiest Movie Love Scenes of all time you will immensely enjoy, as these are the sexiest scenes Hollywood ever made. So, prepare yourself for some serious hotness, and get ready to see once again, or perhaps, to see for the first time, the Sexiest Movie Love Scenes Ever!


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the Way We Were (1973) The Way We Were is one of the most iconic romantic movies ever filmed, known even by those who have never seen it. It really made Robert Redford a sex symbol, and cemented Babs' popularity as an actress as well as a singer. In addition to that, it has one of the sexiest movie love scenes you could ever hope to see.

Even the trailer for the film, which you can see here, goes a long way toward showing just how much chemistry there was between the two stars. You can already see the sparks fly off the screen.

Cast: Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford.
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: The sexy scene in question first features Katie and Hubbell dancing. Hubbell cuts in and the two slow dance, staring into one another's eyes as the scene fades to the big bedroom climax.

What's So Sexy about It: Without question, it's the tenderness and intense passion that makes this scene so incredibly sexy. It's not one of today's Hollywood love scenes, that's for sure!


In The Way We Were, the romantic tension builds exquisitely, reaching its zenith in a moment of bittersweet connection. It's the raw, unfiltered emotion—paired with Redford's undeniable charm and Streisand's vulnerability—that makes the air crackle with intimacy. The palpable affection and longing shared by the characters envelop viewers, transporting them into a world where love, despite its complexities, reigns supreme. This isn't just a fleeting encounter; it's the kind of love scene that carves out a special place in your heart, lingering long after the credits roll.


the Blue Lagoon(1980) The Blue Lagoon seems like a story of two shipwrecked cousins, but in reality it is the most natural love story in the world. Its most infamous scene was once cause for controversy because beautiful Brooke Shields was so young. Over time, however, her role as Em has become one of her most well known – and the film contains her most well known scene.

You can see the chemistry that exists between Dick and Em just by watching the trailer for the movie. You can experience their frustration, as well – until they ultimately learn what it means to share physical love.

Cast: Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: Dick and Em – who by this time have become physically attracted to each other, but don't know how to act on it – are at odds about leaving the island. Basically, he wants to, she doesn't, and so she passes up an opportunity for rescue. Following a fight about the subject, they physically consummate their relationship.

What's So Sexy about It: What makes this memorable scene so sexy is not just the youth and beauty of the participants, but the fact that they're so unsure about everything! This is their first time doing anything sexual, and the tense build up to this point makes for an explosion.


The Blue Lagoon is a 1980 romantic drama film directed by Randal Kleiser and starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins. The film tells the story of two young cousins who are stranded on a tropical island and discover love and physical intimacy as they grow up. The film's most notorious scene was controversial due to the young age of Shields, but has since become one of her most iconic roles. The scene, in which the two characters finally consummate their relationship, is one of the sexiest movie love scenes ever filmed. It is memorable for its tension and anticipation leading up to the moment, as the two characters are unsure of how to express their feelings.

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an Officer and a Gentleman(1982) An Officer and a Gentleman began the world's love affair with Richard Gere, who stars as Zack Mayo alongside Debra Winger's Paula. He's on his way to becoming an Ensign in the Navy, and amidst losing his friend and gaining his self respect, he also falls deeply in love, leading not just to a very sexy love scene, but also to the most iconic, romantic movie ending, ever. Just saying, I like the look of the way Richard Gere kisses!

Take a look at the trailer, which gives you a pretty good indication of how hotly these two sizzled together on screen!

Cast: Debra Winger and Richard Gere
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: Zack and Paula come together in what seems like a perfectly ordinary setting, but what follows is anything but ordinary. It's downright steamy!

What's So Sexy about It: It's the passion you see between the characters that makes this scene so incredibly sexy. There are small but important details, such as the way Debra Winger trembles, that makes this one of the hottest love scenes you'll ever see in any movie.


The intense chemistry between Zack and Paula ignites an unforgettable spark that goes beyond just the visuals. Richard Gere's portrayal of Zack's transformation from a self-centered loner to a man in love is magnetic, and Debra Winger's raw emotion draws you into their journey. When Zack sweeps Paula off her feet, literally and figuratively, it's not just an endearing moment but also a powerful statement of love's ability to conquer all. It's their genuine connection that creates such a memorable and sensuous cinematic experience.

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Risky Business(1983) Way back before Tom Cruise went kind of crazy, he really was a heartthrob, and although many of his roles, while passionate, are devoid of sex, in this early film, he has lots of it. Lots. The scenes between Joel and Lana are somewhat short, but they're still very sexy and worth being #4 on this ultimate list of Sexiest Movie Love Scenes.

Now, it has to be said that there are a number of love scenes in this film. The train scene is steamy, but for the purposes of this post, I want you to hearken back to the scene at the door where Lana and Joel initially meet.

Cast: Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay.
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: Joel requests a prostitute, and after a mishap, Lana shows up – ready for action. What follows is a scene both raw and somehow beautiful.

What's So Sexy about It: The sexy-quotient is mainly thanks to Rebecca herself. The way she moves in this role, the way she choreographs her body, is just incredibly hot!

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Dirty Dancing (1987) Dirty Dancing was all but destined to contain one of the sexiest movie love scenes ever, thanks to Patrick Swayze. Sure, Jennifer Grey played a part in it as well, but the Swayze tops this list twice, because he was the epitome of hunkdom back in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

You can see the chemistry that immediately exists between Johnny and Baby in every second of the trailer, so it comes as no surprise how their love affair climaxes.

Cast: Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: This sexy scene is actually twofold: it starts in Johnny's living room and ends in the bedroom. There's no actual sex to speak of (although there is a great butt shot), but there's plenty of sensuality to go around.

What's So Sexy about It: The sex appeal of this scene lies in the dancing involved with it. Baby and Johnny start making love as they dance, so that every move, every article of clothing that disappears, is like choreography.

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Say Anything… (1989) A young, delectable John Cusack stars in this film, alongside the whimsically named Ione Skye. Although it's a rather quintessential '80s flick, there are some surprisingly hot moments in it, and these two make perhaps the cutest couple in all of life.

The trailer reveals more of the movie's cuteness, but there are glimpses of the sexual tension between Lloyd and Diane. Just for trivia's sake, I'd also like to point out that John Cusack's real life sister, Joan, plays Lloyd's sis in the movie as well.

Cast: John Cusack and Ione Skye
The Sexy Movie Love Scene:: Lloyd and Diane, in the back of a car. Isn't that every teenager's ultimate sex fantasy?

What's So Sexy about It: What's so sexy about the pinnacle scene of Say Anything is actually the fact that everything else about the movie is so awkward, as befitting a coming of age film describing what it's like when teenage love begins moving into adulthood. Both characters are losing their innocence together, and it's extremely touching.


The movie "Say Anything..." (1989) is a classic coming-of-age romantic comedy starring John Cusack and Ione Skye. The movie follows the story of Lloyd Dobler (Cusack), a high school graduate who falls in love with Diane Court (Skye), the valedictorian of his class. The two embark on a relationship, and the movie culminates in a romantic scene in the back of a car.

The movie has become a cult classic, and it has been praised for its realism and its depiction of teenage love. The movie has become an iconic representation of young love, and Cusack and Skye's performances are widely lauded. Cusack's sister, Joan, also appears in the film as Lloyd's sister.

The movie is also notable for its use of music, with its iconic soundtrack featuring artists like Peter Gabriel and The Replacements. The movie has also been praised for its cinematography, which captures the beauty of teenage love.

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Ghost(1990) Ghost is iconic in many ways, and it has a lot of iconic scenes. Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore had crazy sexual chemistry in this film, and its tragedies were part of what made it so unbelievable romantic. Of course, that crazy sweet love scene helped!

The trailer for the film reveals a lot about the passion that drives Sam and Molly's relationship. It shows how and why their love was able to survive even the seeming permanency of death.

Cast: Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: It begins with a pottery wheel. In fact, this film single handedly caused women all over the world to take up pottery and to fall in love with clay. Although the scene proceeds to actual sex, it's that pottery scene that really does most women in.

What's So Sexy about It: The tenderness of the pottery scene, the sensuality, is what makes it so unbelievably sexy. Sam and Molly get so messy, so into each other, and the fact that there's so much tenderness wrapped up in their passion is even better. Of course, the well chosen song in the background, “Unchained Melody,” definitely doesn't hurt.

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Love Jones(1997) In Love Jones, you learn about what's supposed to happen if you actually do experience love at first sight. This movie breaks the boundaries of stereotypes, featuring Larenz Tate as poet Darius Lovehall, and Nia Long as a photographer named Nina Mosely.

It's difficult to find a trailer, but even though this isn't official, it let's you see just how into one another these two are from the very first time they meet.

Cast: Nia Long and Larenz Tate
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: It begins at a dance club where, after the two of them discuss reggae beats, Darius and Nina begin to consummate their attraction with a hot dance on a crowded dance floor. The dance continues when they get home: hot sex on the first date.

What's So Sexy about It: To me, the dance scene is the sexiest part of this movie. While the two get physical layer, there's something so sensual about the raw, close way they dance together that I always end up watching it three or four times!

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Titanic(1997) Titanic is an epic movie all the way around. The scenery is brilliant, the costumes are incredible, and the love story between Jack and Rose became an instant legend. When you talk about romantic movies, this is always near the top of the list.

Titanic is a soaring love story, that much is evidenced right in the trailer. There are many famous scenes, but we all know the love scene we're looking for...

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: After drawing beautiful Rose in the nude, she and Jack run around the doomed boat and end up in storage, where with the help of an unlocked car and a lot of steam heat, they create one of the sexiest movie love scenes ever.

What's So Sexy about It: The sensuality, without question. The lead up – witnessing Rose naked – starts the fire, so once you get to the car scene, it's hugely climactic. The fact that you don't see much, you only hear the passion of the two doomed lovers, makes it even better.

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How Stella Got Her Groove Back(1998) Angela Bassett and Taye Diggs prove what cougar love is all about. It's hard to pick just one hot scene from this movie because there are several, thanks in part to the chemistry the two leads brought to their characters, Stella and Winston.

The sizzle between these two actors is visible in every scene in the movie, as you can clearly see in the trailer.

Cast: Angela Bassett and Taye Diggs
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: Stella and Winston in the shower. Goodness!
What's So Sexy about It: There's just something about a shower driven sex scene, don't you think? All that water, all that steam, all that passion!

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Shakespeare in Love(1998) Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes star as Thomas Kent/Viola and William Shakespeare in this passionate, interesting take on the playwright's life and inspirations. Shakespeare could get pretty steamy in his plays to begin with, so it's easy to see how so much of this movie ended up so passionate.

The sexy love scenes in this movie are actually quite beautiful, so it becomes more about the passion and the intimacy, rather than simple sex – as you shall see!

Cast: Joseph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow
TheSexy Movie Love Scene: There are actually a number of sexy scenes in Shakespeare in Love, but the sexiest of them all is probably the most romantic: Will and Viola in bed, literally romping in the sheets.

What's So Sexy about It: What's actually sexiest about this scene is its reality. I don't actually know that Elizabethans had sex quite that way, but in addition to the forbidden, dangerous aspect of their love, Will and Viola's scenes together are joyful and passionate.


In Shakespeare in Love, the chemistry between Fiennes and Paltrow sizzles off the screen, blurring the lines between performance and reality. Their dynamic captures the essence of Shakespeare's poetic language, transforming it into scenes of profound desire and emotional vulnerability. The setting, a lush recreation of Elizabethan England, adds to the allure, with period costumes and dimly lit chambers serving as the backdrop to the lovers' trysts. Amid the grandeur of the age, it’s their genuine affection and mutual adoration that truly enthralls, promising to leave hearts fluttering long after the credits roll.

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a Walk on the Moon(1999) In this film, Diane Lane and Viggo Mortensen show why movies about unfaithful spouses are so popular. Diane Lane has starred (and absolutely shone) in several of these movies, but none have been so sweetly passionate as this one.

As Pearl and Walker, Lane and Mortensen absolutely sizzle. The forbidden element of their romance leads fire to the passion they share, as seen in the trailer for A Walk on the Moon.

Cast: Diane Lane and Viggo Mortensen
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: The very first sexual encounter between Pearl and Walker is so hot that the screen practically bursts into flames. When seen in theatres, it's doubtful that any member of the audience could keep from squirming!

What's So Sexy about It: To me, the pervasive darkness of the movie's most climactic scene is what makes it so unbelievably sexy. Plus, of course, the knowledge that their relationship is forbidden adds a lot of appeal.

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Cruel Intentions(1999) In Cruel Intentions, you could tell that Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon were falling in love. As evil, sexy Sebastian and sweet, pretty Annette, the two came together like exploding stars, culminating in one of the hottest love scenes I've ever seen.

The fact that diabolical behavior mixes with honest tenderness and love in this film is part of what makes it so spectacular. Just look at the smolder between these two!

Cast: Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: In line with the Dangerous Liasons storyline, Annette does fall in love with Sebastian, but he refuses her – and then realizes his mistake. He's waiting for her as she tries to flee, in one of the most romantic scenes ever in all of life, leading them to a tender, passionate moment of consummation.

What's So Sexy about It: The passion is definitely the sexiest thing about this scene. The physical love these two share as they have sex for the first time is tender and sweet, yet intensely passionate. Knowing that they're doomed adds to it.

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the 40 Year Old Virgin(2005) In this film about a 40 year old virgin (go figure), you really don't think you're going to find anything steamy. Andy, played by Steve Carrell, is awkward and frankly not all that attractive, so you feel sorry for Trish, played by Catherine Keener. Somehow, they, they end up getting it together – literally.

Judging by the trailer, there's not a single sexy moment in this film – but trailers sometimes lie!

Cast: Steve Carrell and Catherine Keener
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: After a several false starts and a promise to wait, Andy and Trish finally consummate their love affair – and it's actually much more romantic than the rest of this goofy, wonderful comedy would suggest.

What's So Sexy about It: This scene is sexy because it's so realistic. Love is actually like this – passionate, awkward, sweet, with people who aren't impossibly good looking.

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith(2005) It's easy to see how and why Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fell in love during the filming of this movie. The chemistry between John and Jane Smith practically jumps off the screen, and every romantic moment sizzles as a result.

Even though the trailer doesn't necessarily contain any sensual or sexual scenes, the whole thing is still pretty sensual – and sexual!

Cast: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: In the midst of a fight, the agents start getting serious – and sexy. They basically throw each other all over the room, and the raw violence of their, ahem, “love” for each other makes this one of the sexiest movie love scenes you'll ever see.

What's So Sexy about It: Two words: the violence. There's just something about all that raw, crazy passion!

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the Departed(2006) You've got Leonardo DiCaprio and Vera Farmiga to thank for the number one choice on our list of the sexiest movie love scenes you've ever witnessed. Starring in The Departed, these two sizzle like you wouldn't believe – plus it's a genuinely great movie in the bargain!

Amidst their love affair, Madolyn – who is Billy's therapist – doesn't disclose the fact that she's been sleeping with Colin, too. With that kind of treachery, you just know things are going to get hot!

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio and Vera Farmiga
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: Billy and Madolyn are packing up, when all of a sudden – wham! Killer love scene! Their urgency is what makes it so incredible.

What's So Sexy about It: Like say, their sense of urgency really makes for something magical. The fact that Billy shoves Madolyn up against the refrigerator doesn't hurt, either!

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The Notebook (2004)

The Notebook (2004) The Notebook, based on the book by Nicholas Sparks, is an amazing love story. The story follows two teenagers and their unlikely love story. As you watch these two you want there to be a happy ending and their passion for each other is undeniable, especially in this scene.

Cast: Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: After getting stuck in the rain, which they have a lot of fun with, these two find their spark again. Since they were once together they try to figure out what pulled them apart and after an argument Ryan Gosling's character Noah says the words "it wasn't over, it still isn't over" and kisses her. I think we all know where kissing leads.

What's So Sexy about It: The passion! When you watch this movie you're rooting for their love to work out and when they split, you're rooting for them to get back together. Here we have a moment of weakness where they fall back into each other. The kissing and movements are fast paced and passionate like they can't get move fast enough.

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Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Brokeback Mountain (2005) Brokeback Mountain is an unlikely love story that caused quite the ruckus upon it's release. A story about two cowboys who fall in love is one thing, but love scenes between two of Hollywood's leading men made people's heads turn and we can see why.

Cast: Jack Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: Ennis (Heath Ledger) is sleeping out in the cold due to the lack of space in the tent they have. Jack (Jack Gyllenhaal) calls Ennis into the tent to spare him from the cold. In this tiny tent barely big enough for one person in a moment of spontaneity they get caught up in a moment they didn't expect.

What's So Sexy about It: The rawness and passion. There is nothing in this particular scene to suggest that this is going to happen. Jack initiates this and although Ennis fights it at first, eventually he gives in. Once he has given in to what is happening, there is no stopping. To top it off there is no sound other than what is happening in the scene: rusting jeans, grunting, and heavy breathing.

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8 Mile (2002)

8 Mile (2002) This is not a movie about romance or a love story at all. This is the story of a white rapper trying to make it while supporting his child. While a great movie, nobody expected there to be a sexy love scene.

Cast: Eminem and Brittany Murphy
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: Alex (Brittany Murphy) visits Rabbit (Eminem) at work and hide behind some shelves. They start to kiss and before long Rabbit has lifted her and placed her down and the action has begun.

What's So Sexy about It: The intensity and passion. First of all, he's at work! They have to hide and be quiet, but you can tell that neither of those things are very easy for them. The scene is raw and not obviously sexy, but the passion is definitely there and it has made people question whether or not they were acting or not.

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Atonement (2007)

Atonement (2007) Atonement is based on a romance novel by Ian McEwan and it cannot be denied that both the movie and the book are love stories. This story also follows not only love, but crime. While that may be interesting, it's not what we're looking for here.

Cast: James McAvoy and Keira Knightley
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: Cecilia (Keira Knightley) is talking to Robbie (James McAvoy) in a library. As she talks she gets emotional and when Robbie asks why she's crying Cecilia mutters "don't you know?" With that Robbie walks towards her, grabs her, and kisses her. Part of the sexiness of this scene is how classy it is and it's in a library! Come on!

What's So Sexy about It: Even people who didn't enjoy this movie find this to be a memorable scene! The danger of this scene is what makes it so sexy. Their lives aren't in danger necessarily, but being together can ruin their lives. The intensity of these scene is hard to deny as these two characters throw passion to the wind.


The chemistry between Cecilia and Robbie sizzles as they come together, against all odds. It's the classic tale of forbidden love, charged with the intensity of the moment. The setting amplifies this secret rendezvous; amidst the quiet rows of books lies the promise of unfurling desire. Their connection transcends words, made evident by the longing glances and the magnetic pull between them. Atonement, indeed, showcases not only the depth of their feelings but the consequences that follow. Despite societal constraints and looming repercussions, they indulge in a moment that seals their fates.

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Pretty Woman (1990)

Pretty Woman (1990) Pretty Woman may not seem like a likely choice to end up on this list, but I can't help it. This movie is a love story and a movie that people still talk about and love. While this movie has some cheesy aspects, it's still a great movie.

Cast: Julia Roberts and Richard Gere
The Sexy Movie Love Scene: Vivian (Julia Roberts) comes out of the bathroom to see Edward (Richard Gere) sleeping. She looks at him for a while and the tension is palpable. With a simple act, a kiss, this scene although you can't see much becomes a very sexy scene worth watching.

What's So Sexy about It: What's sexy about this is partially the meaning behind it. Vivian works as a prostitute, so sex means nothing to her, but kissing that's a different story. In this moment you can feel the passion and that she really feels for him because of her willingness to cross a line she hadn't before.

There you have it, the 21 Sexiest Movie Love Scenes we've ever seen! I've got goose bumps from only thinking about these movies, let alone watching them over again! And which of these Sexiest Movie Love Scenes you find to be the hottest?

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How could they forget Love and Basketball ?!

Unfaithful, surely got some sexy love senses!! Well oviosly as usual I give my tops for Titanic!! Poor Patrick Swayze, seeing his photos and remembering of his movie 'Ghost' really made me cry cause I totally loved him, and Ghost was such a romance! God bless him where ever he is, surely heaven is his place :) RIP Pat, you'll always be in our hearts!!

hi i am adil from lahore pakistan i am 25 years old i m strong boy if any female wants frndshp and other relation call and sms me i am waiting my number 00392214786615

hugh dancy and jessica alba's sleeping dictionary has a lot of sexy scenes.i luv it.is anybody with me.

Hi Dianna! I remember seeing The Blue Lagoon when I was 12 years old, and I loved that movie instantly. Although I was a child...I was impressed by Brooke :)

i like that movi

you forgot 'jason's lyric with jada pinkett and that guy ... you forgot crash ... not the award winning version .. .the nc-17 version where the lovers pull themselves from a mangled car and get it going .. and what about 'eyes wide shut' (1999)

What about 9 1/2 Weeks???

I totally hated Eyes wide shut!! :S

very intersting

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