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There are so many awesome RECENT ROMANTIC MOVIES I am dying to share with you! My fellow editors and I made a list of Top 20 Recent Romantic Movies you simply can't miss and believe me, you are up for a few best movie nights you ever had with this extensive list of most romantic movies that came out recently. To me, a truly romantic movie is one that makes me wish that I were the main character in the film, or one that makes me think about the movie long after I've watched it. And all these top 20 Recent Romantic Movies made me feel that way at some point in the last year or so! So check out this list of top recent romantic flicks and let us know which are your very favorites among Recent Romantic Movies!

20. The Bounty Hunter ...

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The Romantic Couple: Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler.
Released: 2010
Romantic Plot: You can always count on Jennifer Aniston to star in at least one of the most recent romantic movies. This one stars Butler as her character's ex-husband, and much to his delight, he gets to hunt down Nicole (Aniston) when she skips bail, leading to predictable mishaps and an inevitable reunion -- but it's still awfully cute.
Romantic Mood: Campy.
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