21 Tearjerking Romantic Movies Perfect for Valentine's Day ...


21 Tearjerking Romantic Movies Perfect for Valentine's Day ...
21 Tearjerking Romantic Movies Perfect for Valentine's Day ...

Whether you'll be celebrating the holiday alone, or you'll be enjoying some romantic time with your sweetheart, there's nothing quite like watching a romantic movie you know will make you cry, at least once, right? If you're not sure which romantic tear-jerkers to add to your library, we can help. Here are a few to add to your queue, just in time for Valentine's Day.

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Why Cry: Casablanca is absolutely, without a doubt, the classiest romance of all time. Rick is a jaded American who runs a cafe and club in Casablanca. He was jilted by his lover, Lund, and has never recovered. Suddenly, Lund and her husband show up at the club, desperately in need of Rick's help. The tension between Bogart and Bergman is incredible, the background of World War II brings up a whole other set of emotions, and the ending... well, let's just say that farewell scene is enough to get the tears flowing!

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Meet Joe Black

Why Cry: This is a beautiful story about the journey through life and death. Joe Black, also known as the Angel of Death, comes to take the life of Bill. Instead, Bill leads Black on a journey through life, allowing him to experience all he's missing. Along the way, Black falls in love with Bill's daughter. The touching story and dramatic ending will definitely be one you'll cry over! Plus, Brad Pitt is absolutely gorgeous in this one... another bonus!

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Roman Holiday

Why Cry: This Cinderella-in-reverse tale is a charming romance between a rebellious princess and a cynical journalist. Peck falls for Hepburn's innocence and beauty, but so does his good friend. The bittersweet ending will bring tears to your eyes.

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What Dreams May Come

Why Cry: Chris and Annie share a love so passionate that nothing can divide them - not even death. This movie is not only a tear-jerker, but the ideas presented about life, death, and the afterlife will get you thinking. The lengths that Williams' character goes to rescue his true love will move you to tears more than once in this film.

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The Princess Bride

Why Cry: This classic lovers' tale of Buttercup and Westley is beautifully told by director Rob Reiner. Even through their separation, and when Buttercup thinks Westley dead, their love for each other does not stop. When Westley returns and must save Buttercup from the evil Prince Humperdink, you get lots of romance, lots of tears, and lots of laughs! The perfect romantic movie, The Princess Bride is a must-see.

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Why Cry: Sabrina is a romantic story of the way love can mend the separation between the wealthy and working classes. In this story, Audrey Hepburn stars as a chauffeur's daughter who falls in the love with the younger son of the family employing her father. She lures the son out of a profitable arranged marriage, prompting the older brother to influence his brother to stay away from Sabrina. Of course, who can stay away from her? No one, and even old Bogie falls under her spell. Skip the remake (starring Harrison Ford), and watch the original - its a classic romantic tear-jerker.

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City of Angels

Why Cry: Seth is an angel involved in protecting the citizens of Los Angeles who longs to understand and experience life as a human. While watching Maggie, a surgeon, try to save a man's life, Seth falls in love with her. Following Seth through his journey to experience human nature, and ultimately to become human himself, just to be with Maggie is poignant... but the ending that befalls Seth and Maggie will leave you heartbroken.

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The Notebook

Why Cry: The Notebook's plot begins as a story being told by one patient in a senior citizens home to another. The young lovers' story is one of poor country boy Noah in love with a wealthy young heiress Allie. They share an idyllic summer together, but are separated by Allie's plotting mother, war, and distance. When Allie reads about Duke in the paper years later, they reunite just before she is to be married to another man. She must make a choice, and the heartbreaking connection between the young characters and the elderly couple in the nursing home is revealed. This one will bring you to tears every time you watch it!

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The Last of the Mohicans

Why Cry: In this epic saga through the lush wilderness of early America, Hawkeye defends two English sisters from the evil Magua tribe. This movie is powerful, moving, and beautifully shot... the tears come not only from the intense love story between Day-Lewis and Stowe, but also from the death of beloved characters. All the action scenes make this a romance your guy will enjoy, too. And if you don't have a guy to watch with, don't worry: Daniel Day-Lewis looks absolutely amazing in this one.

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Why Cry: Sam and Molly are a couple in love in New York City. After an act of violence, Sam is killed. Because of his love for Molly, he remains a ghost- trapped between life and the afterlife. He searches for ways to contact Molly and express his love for her, and ultimately, to save her life as well. There are so many tearful moments in this one!

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The Fault in Our Stars

Why cry: it's no secret that both main characters, Augustus and Hazel, are suffering from cancer, though they're both currently in remission. This is a realistic portrayal of young love, made more bittersweet with their illnesses (and the crazed author of their favorite book). Tissue ready. You'll need them.

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The Patriot

Why Cry: You'll cry when you see Heath Ledger and realize he's no longer with us, yes, but this movie features the unexpected and heart-wrenching deaths of characters we love. Prepare yourself; it's brutal, if romantic.

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The Holiday

Why cry: When Jude Law cries, we all cry, the end. And of course, there are other romantic, sweet, sad, and touching moments in this movie, about two women whose romantic lives have fallen apart. They swap houses, but will this help them set their lives straight, or make things more complicated?
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Romeo and Juliet

Why Cry: Romeo and Juliet is the mother of all tearjerkers. It's the classic story of star-crossed lovers, who ultimately must make the greatest sacrifice out of love. Although there have been several versions of this play put on the big screen, a 2013 version is one of the most earnest with the most potential to make you cry.

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Stuck in Love

Why Cry: Stuck in Love is a beautiful, romantic mess. It shows love at all stages of life, and shows all stages of love, from loss, to passion, to healing. With all the different flavors of romance in this film, no matter what stage of your life you're in you're bound to find at least one character whose love-life you can relate to and cry over once in a while.

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Blue is the Warmest Color

Why Cry: After you fall in love with their beautiful relationship, the heartbreak of loss will hurt even more.

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My Girl

Why Cry: Nothing is cuter than kids in love, and nothing is sadder than watching kids get their hearts broken. If you have never seen this classic tearjerker, maybe this Valentine's Day is the time to see it! Have a tissue box ready!

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Why Cry: Anytime something bad happens to Leonardo DiCaprio in a movie, I tear up. Titanic is the story of a love that breaks the rules of class structure and endures for decades.

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Why Cry: I don't know anyone who didn't cry during the opening sequence of Up. Honestly, all you need to watch is the first 10 minutes of this movie and you'll need to reach for a tissue. Without any words, you can watch a wonderful romance develop, flourish, and diminish.

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Broke Back Mountain

Why Cry: Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal's characters must try to forget their love for each other. In their attempt to do so, they return to their lives, pretending to be straight men. Both their struggle and their love will bring you to tears.

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If I Stay

Why Cry: Mia and Adam couldn't be more different, and yet fit together perfectly. But that doesn't mean they have the perfect relationship. However, when Mia gets in a car crash, she finally gains some perspective and can make the right decisions about the future of her relationship. Seeing Mia with Adam, but at the same time separated from him because she is so near to death, will have you on the verge of tears in this movie.

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Oh, my - just writing about these touching tear-jerkers is making me want to cry! I can't wait to watch some of my favorites again this Valentine's Day. What romantic, heartbreaking movies make your top ten list? Post a comment and let me know!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Jennifer Knightstep and Sabrina Yates

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The Notebook. :)

And of course "Remember Me" starring Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin and Pierce Brosnan. Makes me cry everytime I allow myself to even think about it! Tear jerker from beginning to end!

Keith is an amazingly beautiful movie! it made me cry!! and i wanna see The Notebook sooo bad!!

Pearl harbor best movie ever!!

His name in the movie, is Noah...

Notting Hill anyone? Julia Roberts and some hot British dude equals an amazing chick flick!

A dick in Africa

how could you forget TITANIC !

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