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8 Mean Siblings in Movies ...

By Jasmine

I’ll be the first one to tell you that having siblings isn’t always so great. They steal your stuff, you get blamed for things you didn’t do, and they always know how to push your buttons. Some are worse than others. Here are 8 Evil Movie Siblings that I’m glad I’m not related to...

Table of contents:

  1. mike & ginny baker – sixteen candles
  2. samantha & elizabeth darko – donnie darko
  3. briony tallis – atonement
  4. kathryn merteuil – cruel intentions
  5. jeanie bueller – ferris beuller’s day off
  6. chet donnelly – weird science
  7. amy stone – the family stone
  8. derek huff – step brothers

1 Mike & Ginny Baker – Sixteen Candles

I always felt bad for Samantha Baker. Not only did her family forget her 16th birthday – a pivotal year — but she had to put up with three siblings, two of them annoying. The youngest sister wasn’t all that ba;, it was self-absorbed Ginny and monster child Mike that tested my patience. Sam won out in the end though, when Jake Ryan and a birthday kiss made it all better...

2 Samantha & Elizabeth Darko – Donnie Darko

Samantha was annoying in that youngest kid hogs Mom & Dad’s attention kind of way. Elizabeth on the other hand was just mean. It’s obvious that Donnie isn’t having the time of his life and she always makes sure to mess with him.

3 Briony Tallis – Atonement

That mean little monster Briony sets a sequence of events in motion that forever alter the lives of her those around her. And made me cry like a baby!

4 Kathryn Merteuil – Cruel Intentions

Can you think of any sibling more evil? She systematically destroys everyone around her sparing no one, even her step brother. Even at his funeral she’s more concerned with herself.

5 Jeanie Bueller – Ferris Beuller’s Day off

You’ve got to be a special kind of mean to have a brother as awesome as Ferris Bueller and not appreciate it. I get that Jeanie felt like he got away with everything but to purposely try to ruin his day off, so mean!

6 Chet Donnelly – Weird Science

Could Chet have been a bigger jerk? I would have felt bad for him when Kelly LeBrock’s character turned him into that weird gross blob thing, but I felt too vindicated to care.

7 Amy Stone – the Family Stone

It’s the fear of sisters like Amy that makes you so nervous about meeting your boyfriend’s family. She’s doesn’t even pretend to be nice.

8 Derek Huff – Step Brothers

I don’t know if it’s possible to hate a sibling as much as Dale & Brennen hate Derek. From the moment this guy is on the screen even I wanted to punch him.

Whenever I’m feeling annoyed about my sisters I try think of these siblings and be thankful that we don’t share parents. Are there any movie siblings you’re glad to not call your brother or sister?

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