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I’ve loved Scarlett Johansson for years, and I think she’s a very talented, beautiful actress. A lot of new fans may think she’s just getting her career off the ground, but she’s been around Hollywood for ages, and has been in some great films! Here are some of my favorite Scarlett Johansson roles…

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Natasha Romanoff in “Iron Man 2”

Natasha Romanoff in “Iron Man 2” Whether you like it or not, “Iron Man 2” is sure to be the movie to see at the beginning of this summer. I’ve seen it, and while I don’t want to ruin the plot, let me just tell you this — Scarlett Johansson kicks butt! She looks amazing, tough and sexy and gorgeous… I wonder how long she had to train to do the stunts and fight scenes in this movie? And where oh where does she shop?


Francesca Curtis in “the Perfect Score”

Francesca Curtis in “the Perfect Score” This movie didn’t get the acclaim it should have — it is HILARIOUS! Scarlett Johansson’s character, a sassy semi-goth girl who lives with her wealthy father, is a riot. In one scene, her father’s embarrassingly young girlfriend thinks Francesca is saying “peace,” but she snarkily corrects her… she was letting her know she was just her father’s “piece.”


Mindy in “the SpongeBob Squarepants Movie”

Mindy in “the SpongeBob Squarepants Movie” Sadly, we don’t’ get to actually see Scarlett Johansson in this movie, because it’s animated and she does one of the voices. She does it well, though, and you can tell she had fun doing this movie!


Charlotte in “Lost in Translation”

Charlotte in “Lost in Translation” Say what you will about how great this movie was, I hated it. I did love Scarlett Johansson’s performance in it, though, and thought it was the only good part of the whole boring film. I just didn’t get it…


Mary Boleyn in “the Other Boleyn Girl”

Mary Boleyn in “the Other Boleyn Girl” In this movie, Scarlett Johansson plays opposite another of my favorite actresses, Natalie Portman. They play the ill-fated Anne Boleyn, and her sister, Mary, both of whom become lovers of England’s King Henry the VIII. We all know what happens to Anne, but watch the movie to learn more about the other Boleyn girl, Mary.


Rebecca in “Ghost World”

Rebecca in “Ghost World” This movie is a classic, perfect for watching on the same night as “Wristcutters” or maybe “Memento.” Scarlett Johansson is perfect, and this movie was a great way for audiences to get to know her acting ability… and boy, does she look YOUNG.


Nanny in “the Nanny Diaries”

Nanny in “the Nanny Diaries” This book made me laugh and it made me cry, and so did the movie. In this film, Scarlett Johansson plays Nanny, who becomes the primary caregiver to Grayer, son of uber-wealthy but completely clueless Mr. and Mrs. X. She plays this role with such heart that you find yourself believing this is really her life… thank God, it’s not!

Whether you like her looks or acting skills, it appears that Scarlett Johansson is going to be around for quite some time, and I’m glad! I think she’s very talented! Which of these roles did you like her in the best? Or was there another Scarlett Johansson movie or role you liked better?

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I love her! She was so perfect for the Iron Man 2 movie!

i love love love love her but my fav movie happens to have her in it vicky, christina,barcelona <3

Live film

She's such a wonderful actress! I loved her in Girl With A Pearl Earring as well, and of course the Horse Whisperer, that was the first film I ever saw of her.

Watch 'The Other Boleyn Girl' and you will NOT learn anything factual. This movie, while it does have some of my favorite actors in it, is complete trash.

hey... u totally forgot her character in the movie THE SPIRIT, plus the outfits we're glorious...

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