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I love watching movies, and I love choosing which characters in the movies would be great in my life. A new boyfriend? How about Wesley from “The Princess Bride.” Relatives? I’d love to have the crazy grandfather from “The Lost Boys.” The only role I still have to cast is my BFF… and here are my picks for the ones I’d love to have most! Here are the 7 best movie BFFs.

1. Duckie from Pretty in Pink

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He’s sweet, smart, cute, and totally devoted to his best friend, Andie. He also happens to be in love with her, but he doesn’t pressure her, and he knows when to bow out and pursue the cute girl outside the prom instead. Plus, he has great taste in music! He’d make a great BFF.

2. Samwise Gamgee from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy

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I never liked Frodo. He was whiny, weak, and always getting himself in trouble. Sam rescued him every time, putting himself at risk so many times in both movies I lost count. He’s also a good cook, making meals and comfort out of thin air… the true mark of a potential BFF for sure!

3. Doc Holliday from Tombstone

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In the history of best friends, Doc Holliday has to be in the top ten. Watch Tombstone, and you’ll see why. No matter what the danger, Doc is at Wyatt Earp’s side. Sure, he’s on his deathbed, but he’ll take on a gunfight without hesitation…

4. Jane in 27 Dresses

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Is there any better friend than a girl who’s delighted to wear a hideous orange taffeta bridesmaid gown to your wedding, and 26 other weddings for 26 other BFFs? Jane has been a bridesmaid so many times, she knows what emergency supplies to bring, and can even be in two weddings at once… across town from each other. She’s gorgeous, sweet, smart, and devoted… the perfect BFF!

5. Idgie in Fried Green Tomatoes

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Would your best friend do as much for you as Idgie did for Ruth? Idgie loved Ruth from the time she was a little tomboy, and their friendship lasted until Ruth died… and even after.

6. Mikey in the Goonies

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Mikey doesn’t just want to save the Goondocks to help his family, he wants to help his friends. So he summons up his courage and keeps his friends going, even when it seems impossible. Hey, this is another role for Sean Astin where he plays a great best friend…

7. Harry in when Harry Met Sally

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Granted, Harry tells Sally there’s no way men and women can just be friends, and by the end of the movie, they’re the best couple ever, but before that, Harry is the best friend Sally could ask for. In the scene where she’s falling apart because she’s feeling old and alone, Harry helps being her back down to earth. He’d be a great friend-before-boyfriend.

8. The Sidekick in Every Disney Movie

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Where would Mulan be without Mushu, or Ariel without Flounder? All of the Disney heroes in heroines have a best friend who’s there for them when no-one else is… sure, some of them are animals, or imaginary, but they’re still the best!

What girl could ask for a better BFF than these? I have the best friends in real life, but if I ever need a bridesmaid, a gardener, or a prom date, I’m asking Jane, Samwise Gamgee, and Duckie! Which of these movie BFFs would you like best, and why? Please let me know!

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