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7 Best Cameron Diaz Movies ...

By Jennifer

I loved Cameron Diaz in the new movie “Knight and Day” with Tom Cruise, and it got me wondering — what else has she been in that I loved? I did some research on IMDB, and she’s been in so many! Here’s my list of the 7 best Cameron Diaz movies… how many of these have you seen?

1 Shrek

Shrek Who doesn’t love the Shrek movies? In the film series, Cameron Diaz does the voice for Princess Fiona, who, as it turns out, isn’t the gorgeous redheaded princess she seems… she’s been under a spell, and at night, she turns into a green ogre, just like Shrek! I love her… she’s sassy, smart, and honest.

2 Gangs of New York

Gangs of New York This movie is bloody, violent, hard to watch… but Cameroon Diaz is brilliant. She plays Jenny, a pickpocket, prostitute, and all-around bad girl… with a good heart.

3 Charlie’s Angels

Charlie’s Angels In this series of movies, based on my favorite retro TV show, Diaz plays Natalie Cook. Natalie is ditzy, innocent, sweet, and completely bad-ass! She’s not just another spy with a pretty face. She totally kicks butt!

4 Being John Malkovich

Being John Malkovich This film is so unusual, but so interesting! Diaz plays Lotte, the pet-obsessed wife of a miserably unsuccessful puppeteer. Her husband soon discovers a portal into the head of actor John Malkovich (played by, of course, John Malkovich). It’s such an odd idea, but Diaz is fantastic! But her hair is a mess…

5 There’s Something about Mary

There’s Something about Mary This is probably the Cameron Diaz role people know the most. In this hilariously vulgar movie, Diaz plays Mary, a sweet, gorgeous girl that’s sought after by so many men, all of whom are ridiculous… but funny! I love the hair gel scene!

6 My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Best Friend’s Wedding I had forgotten that Cameron Diaz was in this movie! She plays the girl who’s about to marry Julia Roberts’ best friend, and when Julia tries to get him back, Diaz, unaware, befriends her and actually makes her a bridesmaid! There’s one scene, with karaoke, where Julia tries to embarrass her, and it just ends up making you love Diaz more!

7 The Mask

The Mask Who’s that gorgeous bombshell lounge singer on stage, playing opposite Jim Carrey? That’s Tina Carlyle, played by Cameron Diaz. She’s so funny in this movie, just as funny as Jim Carrey. And she’s gorgeous, too!

I had forgotten about some of these movies, so now I’m going to have to watch them again! Which of these do you like Cameron Diaz in the most? Or is there another Diaz movie you like more? Please let me know!

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